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Scarlet Nexus - How to Heal and Revive Party Members

Have an injured ally? Don't fret! Learn how to heal your injured allies in Scarlet Nexus, now available to the Playstation, Steam, and XBOX! Heal your injured allies and learn all the ways to do so!

How to Heal Injured Allies

Use “All” recovery items

All Light Jelly

There are recovery items that Yuito/Kasane can use to perform differing recovery effects. There are different version of these items that have “all” in their name. These items affects the whole party so make sure to use them if you have an injured ally during a crucial battle.

Use a Recorder

Scarlet Nexus - Recorder View

The recorder (the one used for saving your game) also replenishes the whole party's HP. If your party is injured during a mission, backtracking to the nearest savepoint is an efficient way to recover your party to full health!

How to Revive Allies

Hold the Up button while near them

Using the Up button while near downed allies will revive them. They will still be at low HP so its suggested to use a follow up recovery item to restore them to battle condition.

Complete current battle

Completing the current battle will automatically revive fallen allies. If the battle is not difficult or the current enemy's HP is low. Consider ending the battle instead of spending time to revive your allies for a faster reviving method.

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