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This is a story walkthrough for Phase 0 Prologue: Encounter in Scarlet Nexus for the Xbox, Playstation, and PC. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, story section, boss strategies, a list of enemies, and a list of items that can be found.

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Phase 0 Maps

Suoh City Ryujin Ward
Main Street
Sumeragi Tomb Grounds

Phase 0: Encounter Story Walkthrough

Training Ground

Proceed to the section by jumping over the first obstacles and defeat the first set of enemies using Psychokinesis. This unlocks the next section.
2 Use your weapon attacks to defeat the Buddy Rummies and unlock the next section.
The next area has flying Scummy Pendu enemies. Use your Rising Slash Attack to deal damage and defeat them.
4 Defeat the Scummy Pendu and Scummy Pool to reach the last section.
5 Use Special Attacks and Rush Follow-Up Attack to defeat the next set of enemies.
Defeat the Brawn Yawn using Psychokinesis and Weapon attacks to finish the level.

Suoh City Ryujin Ward

7 Travel to the entrance of the Sumeragi Tomb Grounds.
8 Enter the Sumeragi Tomb Grounds to continue the story.
9 After the cutscene, proceed to the next area and defeat the Vase Paws.
After defeating the Vase Paws, you will encounter a Wither Sabbat. Use your Psychokinesis to deal high damage, and dodge its charging attacks.
Boss Fight Wither Sabbat Boss Battle
Boss Battle: Wither Sabbat
After the battle, proceed to the end of the map to complete the Phase.

Phase 0 Boss Fights

Wither Sabbat

Wither Sabbat Boss Battle

Recommended SAS SAS: Psychokinesis

Wither Sabbat has a tough exterior and you'll need to pierce through its thickness. Use Psychokinesis attacks to break its shell.

How to Beat Wither Sabbat

List of Enemies Encountered

Suoh City Ryujin Ward

Enemies Encountered
Scummy Pool iconScummy Pool Vase Paws iconVase Paws

General Tips

Get Familiar with the Controls

Phase 0: Prologue acts as the game's tutorial level. This is where you can get used to the controls, and how to perform actions like jumping and attacking.

Practice Different Kinds of Attacks

Phase 0: Prologue is also a level where you can learn how to execute different kinds of attacks. This will help you when you encounter different enemies in the future, and improve your combat skills in the upcoming missions.

Phase 0 Obtainable Items

Marked Items & Data Spot Locations

Suoh City Ryujin Ward
Main Street
Sumeragi Tomb Grounds

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