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This is a page on Visuals for Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam platforms. Read on to view the full list of Visuals in the game and learn the best character customization options!

What Are Visuals

Scarlet Nexus - Equipment - Visuals
Visuals are pieces of Equipment that alter the aesthetics and appearance of the character equipping it, allowing for a more personalized experience while handling characters. Two types of Visuals exist – Costumes and Attachments.

Costumes will change the entire visual appearance of a character from head to toe, while Attachments only add small pieces of visual elements on your character's body.

No Effect On Stats

As simple cosmetic pieces, Visuals do not have any effect on how your characters perform in combat. Their only purpose is to serve as a modifier to the visual appearance of your characters as they move and explore the world of Scarlet Nexus.

How to Get Visuals?

Can Be Bought in the Store

Scarlet Nexus - Can Be Bought in the Store
As soon as you can get access to the Archivist's Shop, you will be able to purchase Visuals in exchange for Money. Visuals are quite expensive to purchase, which may require more than a few thousand Money if you wish to equip your whole team.

For a guide on how to get Money, check out our Money Farming Guide below!

How to Farm Money

Can Be Exchanged in the Store

Similar to how you can buy your Visuals, another method would be to exchange Materials for them. The Materials you will need will depend on the Visual you will be getting.

For a guide on how to get Materials, check out our Material Farming Guide below!

How to Farm Materials

Increasing Team Bond Level

Scarlet Nexus - Team Bond Level
Certain Visuals can only be unlocked by increasing the Team Bond Level. Upon reaching an appropriate level, a Visual (or Visual Sets) will be placed in your inventory, ready for use.

For a guide on how to increase Team Bond Levels, refer to our Team Bond Level Guide below!

Team Bond: What Are Team Bond Levels?

Through Add-Ons

Some equipment – Costumes, Attachments, Plug-ins and even Weapons – can only be gained through Add-Ons. These can be acquired through the Accept tab of the Archivist's Shop, which deposits these Visuals into you inventory upon claiming.

How to Change Costumes

Can Be Equipped on the Visuals Menu

How to Change Costume

To change your costume, go to the visuals menu on the Equipment tab. From there, you can equip 1 Costume to change your character's overall look and 3 add-ons to add further cosmetic touches to your character.

It is on this menu tab that you can customize the overall outfit of your character, giving them a style that stands out – even in the thick of combat.

List of Visuals

All Costumes

All Attachments

Attachments Icon.jpgAnimal Foot Attachments Icon.jpgAnimal Paw Attachments Icon.jpgAnimal Tail
Attachments Icon.jpgAnkle Ribbon Attachments Icon.jpgBaki Backpack Attachments Icon.jpgBaki Hairclip
Attachments Icon.jpgBaki Head Attachments Icon.jpgBaki Mask Attachments Icon.jpgBaki Visor
Attachments Icon.jpgBreastplate Attachments Icon.jpgBunny Ear Device Attachments Icon.jpgBunny Ear Mask (Head)
Attachments Icon.jpgBunny Ear Mask Attachments Icon.jpgCat Ear Head Attachments Icon.jpgCutesy Goggles
Attachments Icon.jpgCyber Goggles Attachments Icon.jpgDream Catcher Attachments Icon.jpgDual Ogre Horn
Attachments Icon.jpgFace Vision Seal Attachments Icon.jpgFeather Cape Attachments Icon.jpgFeather Foot Guard
Attachments Icon.jpgFeather Tail Attachments Icon.jpgFeather Wing Attachments Icon.jpgFull-Face Mask
Attachments Icon.jpgGas Mask Attachments Icon.jpgHeart Protector Attachments Icon.jpgHugging Baki
Attachments Icon.jpgInari Goggles (Head) Attachments Icon.jpgInari Goggles Attachments Icon.jpgInari Mask
Attachments Icon.jpgKyoka's Charm Attachments Icon.jpgLight Shield Goggles (Head) Attachments Icon.jpgLight Shield Goggles
Attachments Icon.jpgOgre Horn Attachments Icon.jpgOSF Armband Vision Attachments Icon.jpgOSF Standard Issue Pack
Attachments Icon.jpgPoster Vision Attachments Icon.jpgPretty Body Ribbon Attachments Icon.jpgSeto's Custom Mask
Attachments Icon.jpgShoulder Riding Baki Attachments Icon.jpgSide Pack Attachments Icon.jpgSpider Lily Broach
Attachments Icon.jpgSunglasses Attachments Icon.jpgThe Other Attachments Icon.jpgTinfoil Hat
Attachments Icon.jpgVision Ad Attachments Icon.jpgVisor Gas Mask Attachments Icon.jpgWide Goggles

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