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Scarlet Nexus - Equipment
This is a page on Equipment for Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam platforms. Read on to view the full list of Equipment in the game!

What are Equipment?

Equipment are item pieces that can be found in-game that can be equipped to your chosen character and their allies. Equipments include Weapons and Plug-ins, with each having different effects that can change the way you go through combat scenarios.


Scarlet Nexus - Equipment - Weapons
Weapons are the primary armament your character and their allies use to deal damage against Others outside of Kinetic Abilities. These equipment pieces gives the benefit of added attack damage against enemies, and only one of them can be equipped to a character at any given time.

List of Weapons


Scarlet Nexus - Equipment - Plugins
Plug-ins take on a more versatile role with equipments. They offer a variety of effects depending on the plug-in, ranging from an increase in your defense, increases in your Psychokinesis Attacks, Weapon Attacks, and even increases to your health, among others.

List of Plug-Ins


Scarlet Nexus - Equipment - Visuals
Visuals are Equipment that alter the aesthetics and appearance of the character equipping it, allowing for a more personalized experience while handling characters.

List of Visuals: How to Change Costumes and Outfits

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