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Scarlet Nexus - Glossary and Terminologies
This is a page on the terminologies used in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and PC (Steam) platforms. Read on to know more about the abundant words and titles in the game!

Glossary and Terminologies

Combat Related Terminologies

Scarlet Nexus - How to Use Psychokinesis

Term Definition
Dash While moving, you can quickly hop-step towards a direction you're moving to.
Perfect Dodge Grants temporary invulnerability when you dodge an enemy attack at the last minute.
Intercept When dodging enemy projectiles, you can throw it back at that enemy.
Lock-On When fighting against multiple enemies, you can lock-on to specific ones to more easily focus your attacks.
Weapon Attacks Basic attacks using your chosen character's weapon.
Psychokinesis Gauge (PK Gauge) Purple gauge above a player's HP gauge that tracks the player's use of Psychokinesis. If gauge depletes too far, Psychokinesis use is disabled until gauge refills.>
Psychokinesis Attack Special form of attack that sends objects in your environment towards enemies.
Rush Follow-Up Attack Weapon Attack that can be immediately executed after a Psychokinesis Attack..
Psychokinesis Follow-Up Attack Psychokinesis Attack that can be immediately executed after a Weapon Attack.
Special Object Attack Use Psychokinesis to throw Special Objects in your environment against enemies for more power than regular Psychokinesis Attacks.
Revive Revives downed party members. Players whose HP reaches 0 can sometimes be revived by party members.
Assault Vision During combat, party members will sometimes call out to you. Responding to these calls will cause a special attack from the party member who called out to you. The frequency of Assault Visions are affected by your Bond Level with them.
Brain Crush Attacking enemy weak points reduces their Brain Crush Gauge. Use button prompt once gauge is depleted to defeat an enemy in one hit.
Brain Crush Gauge Gauge found just below an enemy's HP bar – can be depleted by attacking enemy weak points.
Brain Drive State of increased focus that increases a player's attack speed, Psychokinesis Speed, and movement.
Brain Field Special environment created by players that push their powers to the maximum. Effect has a timer that if allowed to fall to 0 will cause a Game Over.
Status Ailments Persistent status effects that can be inflicted on enemies, the player, and party members alike Effects of each Status Ailment will last until the effect wears off..

Item Related Terminologies

Scarlet Nexus - Equipment - Weapons

Term Definition
Weapons Armaments that can be equipped to the player and party members.
Plug-ins PIeces of technology that can be equipped to the player and party members. Different plug-ins have varying effects that can affect Psychokinesis power, Attack Power, Defense, and more.
Visuals Cosmetics that can be added to the player and party members. Does not have any stat effects.
Presents Gifts that can be given to characters to increase your Bond Level with them.
Materials Items that can be picked up in the Game World or by battling against enemies. Used to Exchange for other Items in the Exchange Tab of the Shop.
Miscellaneous Items that are often gained for narrative purposes.
Equipment Umbrella term used to refer to Weapons, Plug-ins, Costumes and Attachments.
Battle Items Consumable items that can be used during combat to refill health or cure Status Ailments.
Archivist's Shop In-game store where Items can be bought or exchanged for.
Exchange Shop element where gaind Materials can be exchanged for other Items.
Accept Shop element where downloadable content add-ons can be accepted from in-game.

Struggle Arms Systems (SAS) Related Terminologies

Scarlet Nexus - What is SAS

Term Definition
Struggle Arms Systems (SAS) Lets you borrow the psionic powers of your party members for use in and out of combat.
SAS Abilities Refers to the psionic powers of your chosen character and their party members. Each character has a specific ability that can be used or borrowed.

Brain Map Related Terminologies

Scarlet Nexus - Brain Map

Term Definition
Brain Map Refers to the various Skill Trees and the respective Skills in their categories. Players can learn skills here by spending Brain Points.
Brain Points (BP) Currency for use in the Brain Map gained from levelling up.
Skill Tree Refers to the branches of skills where skills can be learned from in the Brain Map.

Bond Level Related Terminologies

Scarlet Nexus - What are Bond Levels

Term Definition
Bond Level Refers to the depth of your chosen character's relationship with other characters.
Team Bond Level The overall Bond Level you have with the entire team. This is primarily affected by your Bond Levels with characters.
Bond Episodes Small events that occur during Standby Phases where you get to spend time with characters. These can be triggered through Brain Messages or by talking to character, raising Bond Levels with them.

Miscellaneous Terminologies

Scarlet Nexus - Brain Messages

Term Definition
Phases Chapters of the Main Story, which end with Standby Phases where you can explore the world or do side-activities.
Quests Sidequests that can be done for various rewards
Standby Phases The periods between Phases where players are left to do as they wish in-game.
Brain Messages Messages players receive from other characters. Certain messages can be replies to, while others can trigger Bond Episodes.

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