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This is a story walkthrough for the Kasane Route in Scarlet Nexus: Demo Edition for the Xbox and Playstation. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this route, story section, boss strategies, a list of enemies, and a list of items that can be found.

Kasane Route Maps

Mizuhagawa District
Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3

Kasane Route Story Walkthrough

Mizuhagawa District

1 Players will begin at the entrance of the Mizuhagawa District. From your starting position, run up the slope and onto a concrete platform at the top.
2 Use the stairs beside the platform to head down to the Construction Site - Floor 1, below.
3 Scarlet Nexus Bile Pool ExecutionAs you reach the bottom area, 3 Bile Pools will spawn. Dispatch of them to progress further into the area.
Bile Pools are weak to Shiden's Electrokinesis. Use his SAS and borrow his power in order to stun these enemies, easily.
4 The area will now open up to a much wider field littered with construction equipment. Head to the western path that opens just in front of the big, white dump truck.
There will be 4 Bile Pools in the area. Players can use them to practice the SAS while also looking around for scattered loot.
5 Follow the circular bend in order to meet a new kind of enemy: the Bandeau Pendu. Defeat the two that guard the pass in order to progress further.
These enemies are super fast. In order to hit them, players will need to make use of Arashi's SAS, Hypervelocity.
6 Once you arrive at the other end of the circular pathway (western side of Mizuhagawa), there will be another open field that leads to an elevator. Proceed forward and prepare for a fight.
7 2 Bile Pools and 2 Bandeau Pendus will spawn first. Use Electorkinesis and Hypervelocity in order to dispatch of them, quickly.
8 After beating them, a new enemy called the Wither Sabat will spawn. Defeat it to unlock the elevator.
The Wither Sabat has a strong, hard shell. Use Kyoka's Duplication SAS to multiply the number of things you can use to crush it with.
9 Use the elevator to go down to Construction Site - Floor 3. Here you will encounter a new enemy called a Saliva Santa. Dispatch of it to progress.
The Saliva Santa will retreat into its box and be immune to damage if players get too close. Use Kagero's SAS Invisiblity to get close and backstab it or Arashi's Hypervelocity to prevent it from quickly retreating into its shell.
10 Once killed, use the stairs behind the Saliva Santa to go up to Construction Site - Floor 2.
11 At the top, players will find themselves at an intersection. Take a right at the top of the stairs and go into the hallway with 3 Saliva Santas.
12 Players can opt to fight these Saliva Santas 1-by-1, or simply skip them by using Kagero's Invisiblity. Either way, proceed down the hallway until you reach the circular walkway of this level.
13 Turn right and follow the pathway. This will take you to a set of stairs that you can use to go down into the big flat area at the center of Mizuhagawa.
Warning: Upon descending, a boss fight will commence.
Boss Fight Dispen Perry Boss Fight EndFight the Major Other called Dispen Perry.
For players who are having a hard time dodging its Leap Attacks, use Hypervelocity to boost your speed.
15 Watch the final cutscene and conclude the Kasane Route demo.

Scarlet Nexus Demo Reward

Scarlet Nexus Demo Reward

Congratulations! You can now get a special item for the full game. The item you get depends on your progression in the demo, so please keep your demo data.

When players complete any of the Scarlet Nexus: Demo Edition routes, rewards will await them once the game releases. Make sure to keep your demo data to get the rewards on launch day.

For a complete list of the demo rewards and a guide to claiming them, visit our updated demo rewards page!

List of Demo Rewards

Kasane Route Boss Fights

Major Other: Dispen Perry

Mizuhagawa Boss Dispen Perry

Level 20
Recommended SAS SAS: Electrokinesis

Dispen Perry is the Major Other that Kasane stumbles upon in the Mizuhagawa District. It's weak to lightning so use Electokinesis to damage it! There are also Yellow Dumptrucks in the area so take advantage of those to best your first major Other!

How to Beat Dispen Perry

List of Enemies Encountered

Enemies Encountered
Bile Pool iconBile Pool Bandeau Pendu iconBandeau Pendu
Wither Sabbat iconWither Sabbat Saliva Santa iconSaliva Santa

General Tips

Explore the surrounding area for loot

Mizuhagawa District Loot

There is a lot of loot to be gathered from each section of the map. Make sure to explore the level thoroughly in order to obtain helpful HP recovery items for battle.

Note, some areas will have hidden access points. Be on the lookout for them to get into seemingly inaccessible areas.

Exploit Enemy Weaknesses with SAS

Shiden SAS Electrokinesis

The level will helpfully inform players on how to beat each new enemy they encounter, using the different SAS effects available to Kasane. Experiment with different SAS to get a feel of how fighting and enemy weaknesses work in Scarlet Nexus.

Do not be afraid to use your restoratives

There will be a lot of HP Recovery items scattered throughout the Mizuhagawa District. Do not be stingy with your item usage as there will always be more to pick up as you go along. Remember, if Kasane dies at any point in this level you'll have to restart everything!

Kasane Route Obtainable Items

These are all the obtainable items in the Mizuhagawa District level. View the maps for a complete list of all resource readings on each floor.

Mizuhagawa District
Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3

Mizuhagawa District - Floor 1

1 Psychokinesis Attack Specialization x1
2 Light Jelly x1
3 Enhance Shock x1
4 Light Jelly x1
5 Light Jelly x1
6 Light Jelly x1
7 Kyoka's Charm [Black] x1
8 Light Jelly x1
9 Butterfly x1
10 OSF Standard Issue Pack [Black] x1
11 Light Jelly x1
12 Light Jelly x1
13 All: Light Jelly x1
14 Light Jelly x1
15 All: Light Jelly x1

Mizuhagawa District - Floor 2

1 Weapon Attack Specialization x1
2 Medium Jelly x1
3 Light Jelly x1
4 Light Jelly x1
5 All: Light Jelly x1
6 All: Light Jelly x1

Mizuhagawa District - Floor 3

1 Light Jelly x1
2 Normalization Tablet x1
3 All: Light Jelly x1
4 Inari Mask [Black] x1

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