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This a profile summary about Tsugumi Nazar, a character in Scarlet Nexus for the PS4, PS5, Steam, and Xbox. Read on to learn Tsugumi Nazar's Character Profile, Kinetic Abilities, Bonding Scenarios, and Best Combo Breakdowns.

Tsugumi Nazar Character Profile

Tsugumi Nazar

Name Tsugumi Nazar
Power Clairvoyance
OSF Service Record 12 Years
JP Voice Actor Marika Kohno

Tsugumi Nazar Biography

A shy OSF member. She often stutters when feeling exceedingly nervous while talking to others, and feels down because of it afterwards. However, she always says what needs to be said, strictly and clearly, and never loses her composure even in battle.

She is very competitive, and respected as a soldier with very good abilities. She likes gardening and due to the nature of her powers, she often succeeds in growing very difficult species.

Although she likes spending time alone in nature, she cherishes and cares about the people in her life she trusts.

Story Role

Spoilers! (Click to reveal)

Bond with Yuito

bond episode

Tsugumi is an introverted person who shies away from conversation. Her history of social discomfort can be brought up as Yuito speaks with Tsugumi during bond phases, revealing that she has been outcasted because of her clairvoyance and so has taken solace in nature instead.

Tsugumi can be seen warming up and speaking relatively more freely when talking to Yuito about plants. This leads to the duo on an adventure to find a rare plant in the game.


ending scene

Tsugumi can be seen asking Yuito for updates about the plants in the hideout. She then thanks Yuito for giving her newly found courage and self-confidence, and expresses her wish to stay in Yuito's platoon forever.

Tsugumi Nazar Powers and Abilities

Ability List

Ability Levels
Level Effect
1 Clairvoyance & Read Attack
2 Shell Break & Guardian Vision
3 Psychokinesis Read Attack & Combo Vision
4 Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Assault Vision
5 Prolong SAS Effect
6 Increase Crush Effectiveness & Drop Rate

Shell Break

Tsugumi Shell Break
Executing a Read Attack on enemies that have shelled Weak Spots will cause the shell to forcibly break, leaving you with the ability to strike at the Weak Spot freely.

Combat Tips

See Invisible Enemies

Saws Paws - Use Clairvoyance

Enemies that shroud themselves from you with Invisibility can easily be seen by making use of Clairvoyance. Striking at these enemies while they're invisible will cause them to be stunned momentarily, giving you ample amounts of time to sink in whatever damage you can against them.

Perform Read Attacks

How to Perform Psychokinesis Read Attack

Dodging enemy attacks at the last minute gives you a powerful counterattack ability when you're making use of Tsugumi's Clairvoyance, as you can strike back at your foes with speed.

Tsugumi Nazar Bonding Scenarios

Tsugumi Nazar Thumbnail Tsugumi Nazar Bond Episode 1 Bond Episode 4
Bond Episode 2 Bond Episode 5
Bond Episode 3

Best Gifts for Tsugumi

Below is a list of all gifts you can give to Tsugumi to raise your Bond Level with her:

Gift Materials Needed
Squash Racket Rummy-type Suppression +
Abandoned Subway Environment S
Sooth Flower Planting Mizuhagawa Environment B
Scummy Pendu Analysis
Green Curtain: Fresh Verdure Kikuchiba Environment B
Pendu-type Suppression
Bundle of Old Books Paws-type Suppression
Abandoned Subway Environment C
Mini Potted Plant Set Rummy-type Suppression
Abandoned Subway Environment C
Blank Plant Observation Journal Rut-type Suppression
Abandoned Subway Environment C
Color Foliage Plant Paws-type Suppression +
Arahabaki Environment A
Magazine "Girl Quarterly" Pound-type Suppression
Hieno Mountain Environment C
Plug-In Parallelization Program V Pool-type Suppression
Other Ecology A
Vase Paws Analysis
Plug-in Parallization Program H Other Ecology A
Paws-type Suppression
Base Paws Analysis
Tortoise Shell Glasses Kikuchiba Environment B
Paws-type Suppression
Self-Help Book "How to Not Worry" Pendu-type Suppression
Research Facility Environment C
Tea Set Rummy-type Suppression +
Research Facility Environment S
Potted Cactus Rut-type Suppression
Abandoned Subway Environment C
Evergreen Foliage Plant Rummy-type Suppression +
Arahabaki Environment A
Green Curtain: New Leaf Paws-type Suppression
Hieno Mountain Environment C
Meditative Flower Planting Mizuhagawa Environment B
Scummy Pendu Analysis
Framed Pressed Flowers Kikuchiba Environment B
Pendu-type Suppression

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