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Scarlet Nexus - How to Farm Materials
This is a guide on how to get more Materials in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstaion, XBOX, and Steam platforms. Read on to learn what Materials are, where they can be used, and how to get more of them!

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What Are Materials?

Scarlet Nexus - What Are Materials
Materials are Items that you pick-up through fighting Others or by exploring the world. Though useless at first, and only good for selling at the store for Money, Materials become another valuable resource for you once the Exchange Shop becomes available.

Exchanging for Items

Scarlet Nexus - Exchange Materials
In the Exchange Shop, which can be accessed by opening up a Shop, you can use materials to exchange for valuables such as Battle Items, Weapons, Plug-ins, Visuals, and the Gifts you'd need to increase your Bond Level with your allies.

How to Farm Materials

Explore New Areas

Scarlet Nexus - Explore New Areas
There are many hidden areas locked away from you during the initial Phases of the game. Some of these places can only be reached by having certain party members with their SAS Abilities with you as you explore.

Going into these areas, even if you've been there before during the Main Story, is essential in getting environment related Materials for you to use.

Find and Defeat Enemies

Scarlet Nexus - Find and Defeat Enemies
Once new areas are unlocked by progressing through the Main Story, it is a highly recommended strategy to try and go back to these areas. Besides the benefits of exploring new parts of these areas, you'll be able to find and defeat enemies that can drop more Materials.

Use Brain Crush Frequently

Scarlet Nexus - Use Brain Crush
Using Brain Crush against the Others will guarantee a drop of materials. Since Farming and Level Up methods are quite universal, having the Skills Brain Crush EXP Bonus and the Brain Crush Money Bonus will help make farming efforts for Materials, EXP, and Money, far easier.

Lower the Difficulty

Scarlet Nexus - Change the Difficulty
Difficulty in Scarlet Nexus can be changed at any time you wish through the Options Menu. Lowering the difficulty to one where your attacks are more powerful and enemies generally weaker will help to make Farming be an easier task to do as you can now defeat enemies far faster than normal.

Should I Sell Materials?

Hold On to Materials

Fundamentally, it is a much better idea to hold on to the Materials you collect in the early portions of the game. Although selling them might seem ideal for more Money, Materials are a lot more valuable once the Exchange Shop becomes accessible, giving you better items and equipment to strive towards.

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