How to Get and Use the Tele-Porter | Chrono Cross Remaster: Radical Dreamers

The Tele-Porter is a Key Item found in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers Edition. Read on to learn all about the Tele-Porter, how to get the Tele-Porter, as well as how to use the Tele-Porter.

How to Get Tele-Porter

Overworld Location

Location: Termina (Another World)
How to Get Kid will give this to Serge when she joins or later on at Termina

Termina (Another World) Walkthrough

Let Kid Join Your Party

You can get the Tele-Porter after Kid joins your party. She will give it you automatically as soon as she joins!

Even though the Tele-Porter can be obtained as early as in Cape Howl (Another World) after recruiting Kid and battling Solt, Peppor, and Karsh, we suggest holding it off until you get Leena.

Recruiting Kid in Cape Howl (Another World) after your battle with Solt, Peppor, and Karsh will lock you out of recruiting Leena for the rest of the game.

Cape Howl (Another World) Walkthrough

How to Use Tele-Porter

Tele-Porter Chrono Cross Remaster
Description Lets you change party members on the World Map or when standing in reach of Records of Fate.
How to Use Used to change party members

Use at World Map or Record of Fate


You can use the Tele-Porter to change party members when you're on the World Map or at a Record of Fate. Bring up the Key Items menu and click on the Tele-Porter to use it!

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