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Chrono Cross Remaster: Radical Dreamers is expected to take about 35-40 hours to complete the Main Story. Read on to learn more about the game length, and how long it will take to beat on a casual or completionist playthrough!

How Long is Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers?

Estimated Completion Time

Main Story 35-40 Hours
100% Completion 65+ Hours
Casual Playthrough 40+ Hours

35 - 40 Hours to Complete the Main Story

Based on the original Chrono Cross game for the PS1, the main story should be completed in about 35- 40 hours on its regular settings, baring any changes to the story for the remaster!

65+ Hours for a Complete Run

While playing the game will only take about 35+ hours, there are so many different routes and endings to achieve! On regular settings, it should take you an additional 30+ hours to finish all endings and collect all characters.

Playing on New Game+ or with the new options of the remasterd version to toggle Enemy Encounters, this can cut the time down significantly.

40+ Hours for Casual Players

For those who are taking their time to enjoy the story, it should take around 40 hours of gameplay, With the new Battle Boosts it should shorten time significantly and still allow players to experience more than one ending in the story!

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