The Village Demo Walkthrough: 8 Hours in Village | Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

The Village Demo

This is a walkthrough on how to clear the Village Demo in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). Check here for a complete guide on the demo, including how to beat it within the 30-minute time limit.

8 Hours in Village Walkthrough Video: Village

Village Demo Walkthrough

After talking to the old woman, walk further into the village. You will see a door on the left with two crests missing.
Go to the small church on the right side of the path and pick up the Maiden's Crest from the alter.
Pick up the map immediately to the right of the crest for a hint on where to go next.
Go out of the church, and there will be a path leading to an open field where you will encounter some werewolves. If you want to avoid fighting the werewolves completely, skip to step 8.
Optional: If you look immediately to the left when entering the large field, you will see a shed. Enter it to discover the M1897 Shotgun.
Optional: You can also find a Mine in the shed that you can place on the ground to take out some werewolves.
Optional: You can barricade the entry of the shed. So, strategically place a Mine in the field near the shed, draw the attention of the werewolves and barricade the entry. The Mine should take out at least one, and the rest will be easy targets as they struggle with the barricade.
If you stick to the right side of the field, there is a house you can enter which will trigger a cutscene. You can skip fighting the werewolves by running and entering this house.
Go out the back window of the house, hop over the broken wall to the left, and open the gate to Luiza's house. Note, the other crest is to the right of the gate, but you can't access it yet.
After the cutscene in Luiza's house, you will escape with Elena through the garage. Examine a drawer in the next room to get the Truck Key.
Examine the Truck Key by turning it around to obtain the Screwdriver.
Start the truck with the Truck Key and ram into the wall.
After climbing up to the attic, you will be able to escape through a window.
Jump down to the ground and obtain the Demon Crest by using the Screwdriver on the lock.
Head back to the door with the missing crests and place them in the door to finish the demo.

How to Download 8 Hours in Village - The Village Demo

Early access to these demos is exclusive to PS4 and PS5 and can be downloaded from PSN. However, all systems will be able to access these demos when the full demo is released. For more information on the demo schedule, check out the guide below.
Early Access 8 Hours in Village

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