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Castle Dimitrescu Part 2 Walkthrough and Maps

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Here is the complete walkthrough for the second part of Castle Dimitrescu, an area located in Resident Evil Village. Game8 has you covered for everything you need to know about Castle Dimitrescu, including a guide on how to survive, weapon and item locations, treasure locations, enemies found in the area, and more!

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Castle Dimitrescu Part 2 Walkthrough

1 Go straight through the Courtyard and take the door to your right. You will see Lady Dimitrescu walking up the stairs. Once she passes, follow up the stairs.
2 Go down the hallway and pick up the Castle Map, then enter the Hall of Ablution.
3 Resident Evil Village_20210507055937.jpg
Turn each statue except the man on the horse to the other side to drain the pool, revealing a staircase.
4 Resident Evil Village_20210507060038.jpg
Go down the ladder to enter the Distillery. There is a Goat of Warding to the left after descending the ladder.
5 Resident Evil Village_20210507130217.jpg
Take out the Moroaica that appear as you go and ride the elevator at the end.
6 Enter the room to find a Typewriter and some items.
7 When you're ready, go towards Lady Dimitrescu's Chambers for a scene.
8 Dimitrescu Key.png
Head to your left to pick up Dimitrescu's Key off the candelabra, allowing you to open more doors within the castle. Use it on the nearby door to enter the Dungeon.
9 Crouch down and crawl through the small tunnel in the cell.
10 Pull the lever in the next room to open the gate and go through the door.
11 Resident Evil Village_20210507131506.jpg
On the far side of the dungeon, you can find another lever.
12 Escape From Lady Dimitrescu.jpg
Time to run! Dodge Lady Dimitrescu's attacks by running around obstacles in the room and return to the lever to open the gate and run through. The gate opens slow so you may need to give her the run around again. Also, take note that you will be unable to use healing items for the time being.
13 Follow the path down some stairs to another Dimitrescu's Key Door and unlock it.
14 Resident Evil Village_20210507132022.jpg
Through the door, pick up the Mask of Sorrow off the statue to activate the elevator and escape the Dungeons and return to the Courtyard, ending part 2.

How to Solve the Statue Puzzle

Resident Evil Village - Statue Puzzle.jpg

" Women are blind to male advances... " Both female statues must not face any of the male statues.
A male statue must face a female statue.
" ... but the poor shall take their chances to give their lord their bounty sown..." The Poor Men Statue holding offerings of bread must face the Lord Statue.
" ... so that soon the wine may flow." The Winebearer Statue must face the Lady Statue holding a chalice.

How to Solve the Statue Puzzle

Castle Dimitrescu Part 2 Maps and Item Locations

Castle Dimitrescu Part 2 Maps and Treasure Locations


Castle 1F

Castle 2F

Castle B1 South

Castle B1 North

Castle B2

Map Key

Blue Key Item
Green Valuable
Purple Weapon/Attachment
Red Items
Breakable Icon.png Breakable
Goat.png Goat

List of Items

Key Items
DimitrescuDimitrescu's Key Mask of Sorrow Icon.pngMask of Sorrow
Treasure and Valuables
Crystal Fragment Icon.pngCrystal Fragment IngridIngrid's Necklace
Weapons & Attachments
LEMI - Recoil Compensator Icon.pngLemi - Recoil Compensator
Crafting Materials
Rusted Scrap Icon.pngRusted Scrap
Gunpowder Icon.pngGunpowder
Herb Icon.pngHerb
Chem Fluid Icon.pngChem Fluid
Metal Scrap Icon.pngMetal Scrap
Handgun Ammo Icon.pngHandgun Ammo Shotgun Ammo Icon.pngShotgun Ammo

Courtyard Items

World View Map View
The first hidden item in the Courtyard is the breakable vase in the left corner as you enter the area.
The second hidden item is another breakable vase on the other side of the first corridor as you enter the area.
On the other side of the Courtyard, another breakable vase can be found in the by the corner.
Before reaching the door to Dimitrescu's Chambers, a lit torch can be seen on the wall to your right. Look up and there will be a breakable bird cage hanging from the ceiling.
Resident Evil Village - Castle Part 2 - Courtyard Herb.jpg Resident Evil Village - Castle Part 2 - Courtyard Herb - Map View.jpg
Check the center area where there are plants. You can find an Herb in one of the plots.

Castle Dimitrescu Part 2 Files and Locations

Alcina Dimitrescu's Diary

World View Map View
Resident Evil Village - Alcina Dimitrescu

This diary entry contains Lady Dimitrescu's sentiments towards Mother Miranda's decision. This file is in Lady's Dimitrescu's chambers.

All File Locations

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