Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

Best Weapons List

Best Weapons List - Resident Evil Village.png
Looking for the best weapons in Resident Evil Village? Check here to see the list of the best weapons for each type.

Best Starting Weapons

Handgun Weapon


M1911M1911 M1911 - Improved Grip.pngM1911 - Improved Grip
M1911 - High-Capacity Mag..pngM1911 - High-Capacity Mag.

M1911 is the first automatic weapon you can get in the game. Consider investing in it, as it performs better than the starting weapon – LEMI. Its upgrade cost is also not that high, and you can get it early in the game.

Shotgun Weapon

W870 TAC

W870 TACW870 TAC W870 TAC - Foregrip.pngW870 TAC - Foregrip
W870 TAC - Improved Gunstock.pngW870 TAC - Improved Gunstock

The W870 TAC is the shotgun you will likely be using for a good majority of the story until the SYG-12 becomes available. In comparison to the M1897, the W870 TAC's stats are noticeably better especially after upgrading. Another selling point of this shotgun is that you can get it just after clearing House Beneviento, and the attachments for this weapon become available shortly after.

Rifle Weapon

F2 Rifle

F2 RifleF2 Rifle Resident Evil Village F2 Rifle - High Magnification Scope (1).jpgF2 Rifle - High Magnification Scope
Resident Evil Village F2 Rifle - Cheek Rest.jpgF2 Rifle - Cheek Rest
F2 Rifle - High Capacity Mag..pngF2 Rifle - High Capacity Mag.

The F2 Rifle is, without a doubt, the best sniper rifle, as it is the only sniper rifle in the game. Shooting and killing enemies from a distance is an easy task for the F2 Rifle because of its high accuracy, long range, and excellent firepower. You can get the F2 Rifle early in the game, in the Attic of Castle Dimitrescu.

Magnum Weapon

M1851 Wolfsbane

M1851 WolfsbaneM1851 Wolfsbane M8151 Wolfsbane - Long Barrel.pngM1851 Wolfsbane - Long Barrel
M8151 Wolfsbane - Increased Capacity Cylinder.pngM1851 Wolfsbane - Increased Capacity Cylinder

The M1851 Wolfsbane is a powerhouse of a weapon, even more than the F2 Rifle. The M18151 Wolfsbane is an effective tool against tougher enemies and bosses. It is obtainable after defeating Moreau and is useful for the next area, the Stronghold. Upgrading it is costly, but it is worth the price if you plan to move on to higher difficulties.

Best New Game+ Weapons

Handgun Weapon

V61 Custom

V61 CustomV61 Custom V61 Custom - Long Barrel.pngV61 Custom - Long Barrel
V61 Custom - Gunstock.pngV61 Custom - Gunstock
V61 Custom - Drum Magazine.pngV61 Custom - Drum Magazine

Nearing the end of the story, you'll be able to get the V61 Custom through Duke's Emporium after reaching Heisenberg's Factory on your first run. V61 Custom is a fully automatic weapon with the highest stats of all handgun weapons, making it the best handgun you can get in the game. Its customizable parts can be purchased from the Duke in New Game +, making it even stronger. You can buy the V61 Custom attachments quickly as well, for they will be available from Duke the moment you buy them. It will also be easier to upgrade it for most enemies in the end game drops a lot of money or even valuable treasures.

Shotgun Weapon


SYG-12SYG-12 SYG-12 - Red Dot Sight.pngSYG-12 - Red Dot Sight
SYG- 12 - Long Barrel.pngSYG-12 - Long Barrel
SYG-12 - Drum Magazine.pngSYG-12 - Drum Magazine

The SYG-12 is the best end-game shotgun you can get. Focus on upgrading it after reaching New Game +, as it has the power to one-shot most mobs even at higher difficulties. It's also a good weapon when fighting 1-on-1 against Bosses.

Assault Rifle Weapon


WCXWCX WCX- Foregrip.pngWCX - Foregrip
WCX - Red Dot Sight.pngWCX - Red Dot Sight

The WCX is the best assault rifle in the game. Focus on fully upgrading this weapon's stats and equip all of its attachments for higher performance. The WCX is a solid choice for clearing the Village of Shadows difficulty on New Game +.

Magnum Weapon


S.T.A.K.E.S.T.A.K.E. S.T.A.K.E. - Improved Grip.pngS.T.A.K.E. - Improved Grip
S.T.A.K.E. - High-Capacity Mag..pngS.T.A.K.E. - High-Capacity Mag.

The S.T.A.K.E. is the best magnum in the game. With maxed-out firepower of 4500, it can one-shot most mobs on any difficulty. It will be of great help on a second playthrough. The S.T.A.K.E. will be purchasable from the Duke on your second run of the story.

Best Special Weapons

Rocket Pistol

Rocket Pistol
Rocket Pistol - Resident Evil Village.png
Power 500 (Lv. 1)
Rate of Fire 1.1 (Lv. 1)
Reload Speed 3.7 (Lv. 1)
Ammo Capacity 7 (Lv. 1)
Location Complete the story once on Hardcore Difficulty and buy it in the Extra Content Shop.

Though Rocket Pistol is a handgun weapon, it fires off small rockets that explode on impact. No matter who your enemy is, you'll be fine as long as you have the Rocket Pistol. You can get it after beating the game at least once on the Village of Shadows Difficulty difficulty.

Handcannon PZ

Handcannon PZ
Handcannon PZ.png
Power 1400 (Lv. 1)
Rate of Fire 1.6 (Lv. 1)
Reload Speed 2.8 (Lv. 1)
Ammo Capacity 5 (Lv. 1)
Location Complete the story once on Hardcore Difficulty and buy it in the Extra Content Shop.

The Handcannon PZ is not your ordinary magnum weapon. It uses Sniper Ammo rather than Magnum Ammo, and since Magnum Ammo is so scarce, having a magnum that fires Sniper Ammo makes the Handcannon PZ the most convenient magnum in the game, especially if you are against using infinite ammo. You can get the Handcannon PZ after finishing the story on Hardcore difficulty and buying it from the Extra Content Shop.

Melee Weapons

Karambit Knife

Karambit Knife
Karambit - Resident Evil Village.png
Location You can get this after beating the game once and buying it using 10000 CP. Or you can get it in the story while playing as Chris, after defeating Heisenberg.

The Karambit Knife is one of the top weapons for the melee category. It deals more damage against enemies than the default Knife you have at the start. It is a recommended weapon if you want to go for a Knife only run to get the Knives Out achievement.

LZ Answerer

LZ Answerer
LZ Answerer - Resident Evil Village.png
Location It will be available in the Extra Content Shop after clearing all stages in Mercenaries Mode with SS rank.

The LZ Answerer ranks first in all the melee weapons in terms of power, range, and even aesthetic in the game. LZ Answerer is highly recommended to use when trying to do the Knives Out challenge on Hardcore or Village of Shadows Difficulty.

List of All Weapons

Resident Evil 8 Weapons.jpg
Resident Evil Village offers a wide selection of weapons throughout your playthrough. While some are only available later on, mixing and matching weapons to suit your playstyle will certainly give you a different experience every time.
List of Weapons

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