Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

How Long is RE8?

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A guide on the playtime for Resident Evil Village. Read on to find out about the main story's length, how long it will take to finish fighting Optional Bosses, finding Treasures, doing Side Activities, and how much time completing all achievements will add to your playthrough!

How Long is RE8?

The Main Story Will Take Around 8-9 Hours

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At a leisurely pace on "Standard" difficulty while doing side activities such as destroying Goats of Warding or finding Treasures will have players spend around 8 to 10 hours of playtime.

Playing on "Casual" difficulty will also take less time, with more time spent for the harder difficulties.

For a guide on each section of the game, check out our Story walkthrough guides:

Story Walkthrough

Completing the Game With Side Activities Can Add 1-2 Hours

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There are several side activities for you to do in Resident Evil Village, these include destroying Goats of Warding, finding Treasures, solving Labyrinth Puzzles, and reading Files. These can add up to 2 hours to your first time playthrough, depending on how dedicated you are to finding each collectible.

For a guide on each side activity and more, you can check out our guides below:

Tips and Tricks

Subsequent Playthroughs Can Take 3 Hours or Less

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On subsequent playthroughs where you know where Key Items are and how to do certain puzzles, it can take 3 hours or less to beat the game. In fact, there is an Achievement for doing so: the Dashing Dad Trophy is unlocked once the story is completed within this short time frame, although it is quite difficult to do on a fresh game rather than on New Game+.

What Can You Do After Beating Resident Evil Village

The Extra Content Shop is Unlocked

Players who have completed the game will be pleased to know that there are several things that become available to them after finishing the main story. These include Figures and Concept Art they can view, Weapons they can use for a second or third playthrough of the game, and even the long awaited Mercenaries mode.

List of Extra Content: The Extra Content Shop

New Difficulty

Completing the game once also unlocks a new difficulty called Village of Shadows. This mode is touted as being the most difficult mode available to players when starting a New Game, but is required to achieve the Universe's Best Dad Trophy.

Casual ・Good for people who aren't skilled at action games
・Aim Assist is covers a wider range
・Enemies deal less damage
Standard ・The average difficulty
・Can switch to Casual difficulty from the Game Over screen
Hardcore ・For those who have confidence in their skill at action games
Village of Shadows ・The hardest diffiuclty
・Unlocked by clearing the game
Also comes with the Trauma Pack for buying the Deluxe Edition

Difficulty Differences | How to Change the Difficulty

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