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How to Access the Cannibal's Plunder Treasure

Resident Evil Village - How to Get Cannibal
This is a guide to accessing Cannibal's Plunder, a treasure in the game Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) in Otto's Mill near the Stronghold on the map. To know more information about accessing the Cannibal's Plunder treasure, defeating enemies and optional bosses, and other loot, read on!

Cannibal's Plunder Overview

Basic Info and Location

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An ornate angel figurine, this treasure can be found in Otto's Mill just before you approach the Stronghold.

How to Get the Cannibal's Plunder

Head to Otto's Mill

Take a left at the fork in the road just before approaching the Stronghold. Go straight ahead to Otto's Mill. Circle to the back, break the locked gate with your knife.

Goat of Warding

The fifteenth Goat of Warding is in a shrine beneath Otto's Mill. Cross the stream and make a right turn before getting to the other side.
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Take out the Axe-Wielding Giant

Get inside the Mill and kill the Axe-Wielding Giant guarding the way to the treasure.

Break the Locks

Use your knife to break the locks on the red door.

Get the Treasure

On the table is a file. Proceed down the hall to collect your reward.

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Cannibal's Plunder Enemy Guide

Another Axe-Wielding Giant guards this treasure. The same tactics used against the one guarding Beneviento's Treasure will still apply. You can choose to run back inside the room and away from harm after pumping a few bullets in the Giant, then come out again when it's not looking. You can also run around the Mill and shoot at the red barrels or place mines as it chases you.
How to Beat the Cannibal's Plunder Treasure Giant

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