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How to Beat Sturm | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide on how to beat Sturm, a boss in Resident Evil Village. This page will explain Sturm's attack patterns, weaknesses, and include tips and tricks on how you can defeat them!

Sturm Basic Information

Sturm Icon.png
Drops Complex Mechanical Heart
Weaknesses Red Area on Its Back

Sturm Boss Fight Tips

Boss Fight Tips
Let it destroy all the room's walls.
Allow it to charge at you, and then run to the side. Shoot its weak spot on its back.
Avoid its Fire Attacks. Try to stay near unbreakable walls to reduce the size of the lingering fire.
Plant mines along its charge path.
Use the shotgun on its back.

Sturm Location

Map Image World View

After getting Heisenberg's Key, you will be able to access a pathway leading up to the Cargo Bay. Sturm lays here waiting.

Attack Patterns

Sturm Attacks.png

Sturm can be likened to a charging Rhino – fast and deadly. He only really has three types of attacks: a straight charge at you, an attack where he sends fire at you, and a rampage where he attacks in every direction once you've dealt him enough damage.

His attacks are easy to dodge, but the tight spaces in the initial stages of the fight all help to make the entire battle seem claustrophobic.

How to Beat Sturm

Let Sturm Destroy the Walls

Sturm - Destroy the Walls.png

The area that you first see Sturm in for this fight is filled with narrow and winding hallways. The walls of this place, however, are entirely destructible. Have Sturm clear out the walls until you have enough room to maneuver in by dodging his attacks.

Dodge His Running Attacks

Sturm - Running Attack.png

Sturm either slowly walks towards you before charging, or stops to "ready" himself before charging straight at you. Dodge these attacks with your back to an unbreakable wall. Sturm will hit and get lodged into it, the perfect time for you to run around it and shoot the red piece on its back.

Avoid His Fire Attack

Sturm - Avoid Fire Attacks.png

Dealing Sturm enough damage will cause it to catch on fire. In these instances, the beast will get mad and try fanning the flames at you. You must dodge this, and it is recommended to have Sturm target you when you are beside an unbreakable wall. In this way, the flames Sturm sends at you – which lingers – will only affect a side portion of the room, and not be in the center of it. This makes dodging his charging attacks easier.

Recommended Weapons

V61 Custom - Resident Evil Village.pngV61 Custom SYG-12 - Resident Evil Village.pngSYG-12

The V61 Custom and the SYG-12 are both great weapons to use for this fight, with the shotgun having to use up less ammo to finish off strum compared to its pistol counterpart. You may choose to use explosives against Sturm – but you'll need all the resources you can get for an even bigger fight up ahead.

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