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Resident Evil Village Story and Plot Summary

As you begin your journey towards the mysterious Village, you may be curious to know what brought Ethan there in the first place. Read on to find out what we know so far about the story of Resident Evil Village!

Resident Evil Village Backstory

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Resident Evil Village's story picks up several years after the events of Resident Evil 7. The last we saw of Ethan Winters and his wife Mia, they were rescued by Chris Redfield alongside the company of Blue Umbrella, an offshoot of the Umbrella Corporation that was responsible for the incidents in past Resident Evil games.

Resident Evil Village Story and Plot Summary

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The story begins with a quiet evening at the Winters' home. As both Ethan and Mia settle in for dinner, gunshots ring in the dark, and we see Mia killed by Chris Redfield right in front of her husband.

A group of armed men leads Ethan and his daughter Rosemary out, and after a brief flashback highlighting the troubles Mia and Ethan have, Ethan wakes to find the armed men dead, and his daughter gone.

The Village

The Village.png
Dazed and confused, Ethan walks away from the site, reaching the outskirts of the titular Village, and not soon after has his first encounter against the murderous beasts that stalk it – the Lycans.

He manages to escape and meet up with a group of survivors, but they are all killed when one of the group transforms into a Lycan himself.

Battling the Lords

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As Ethan makes his way to the castle, he is caught by Karl Heisenberg. Here he meets the four lords of the village and Mother Miranda. Later, after escaping from the Lycans chasing you, we learn from the mysterious Duke that all the four lords had been given flasks containing a piece of his daughter Rose.

He takes one lord after the other, defeating Lady Dimistrescu, Donna Beneviento, and Salvatore Moreau until Heisenberg contacts him with a proposal.

The Fight in the Factory

The Fight in the Factory.png
After retrieving the last flask at the Stronghold, Ethan is taken to Heisenberg's Factory, located just outside of the Village. There, the man asks Ethan to join him in an alliance and to use his daughter Rose as a weapon to defeat Mother Miranda.

Ethan rejects his offer, and after fighting through the vicious monsters in his factory, he manages to defeat Heisenberg himself. While in the factory, Ethan meets with Chris again and learns that Mother Miranda had impersonated Mia with her powers of mimicry. She was the one they shot and "killed", not his wife.

The War in The Village

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Ethan is killed by Mother Miranda soon after his fight with Heisenberg, and Chris vows to fight Mother Miranda head-on as retribution. He fights through monsters in the Village, quietly questioning why the BSAA was there, before finding Mia alive in Mother Miranda's private study.

The End

The End.png
Chris learns from Mia that Ethan did, in fact, die during the events of the Baker Incident from Resident Evil 7. The Ethan we know now is a version of him built entirely of Mold. Knowing this, as his body begins to wither away, he battles and ends Mother Miranda for good, sacrificing himself so that Chris and Rose would escape safely from the bomb meant to destroy the Megamycete.

After Chris and Mia escape with Rose, we jump forward to the future, where Rose is now a teenager. She is using your powers and working with Chris. As she is driven away from Ethan's grave, we see a faint outline of a man walking beside her car. Could it be Ethan watching over her?

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