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As you begin your journey towards the mysterious Village, you may be curious to know what brought Ethan there in the first place. Read on to find out what we know so far about the story of Resident Evil Village!

Resident Evil Village Backstory

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Resident Evil Village's story picks up several years after the events of Resident Evil 7. The last we saw of Ethan Winters and his wife Mia, they were rescued by Chris Redfield alongside the company of Blue Umbrella, an offshoot of the Umbrella Corporation that was responsible for the incidents in past Resident Evil games.

Resident Evil Village Story and Plot Summary

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From what we can tell, the story of Resident Evil Village revolves around Ethan going to rescue his daughter, Rosemary, after she was kidnapped by Chris Redfield. Word somehow reaches Ethan that his daughter is being held somewhere near the Village which leads him into a confrontation with sinister characters like Lady Dimitriscu and her daughters.

What We Know So Far

In the third trailer released by Capcom, we see that both Ethan and Mia have more or less moved on with their lives after the events with the Baker Family. However, their regular lives are once again thrust into peril when Chris Redfield suddenly kidnaps their daughter Rosemary. This kidnapping has been confirmed with the Resident Evil Showcase during Capcom's showing of gameplay footage and is the reason why Ethan makes his way to the Village.

Possible Villain?

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While Chris' motivations for kidnapping Rosemary are unknown as of now, what we do know is that it involves an attack on the Winters household by him and another individual seen handing Rosemary off to him in the third trailer. When we hear Lady Dimitriscu conversing with someone named Mother Miranda in the same trailer, we hear them talking about a certain ceremony that could possibly involve Rosemary.

Tall Vampire Lady

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Ethan makes his way to the Village to rescue his daughter, and eventually makes his way up to Dimitriscu Castle, where he meets Lady Alcina and her daughters. We know that Ethan, prior to meeting Alcina, was previously captured by her 'little brother', who is possibly the character known as Heisenberg that was also mentioned during the Resident Evil Showcase.

Roles of the Big Organizations

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It is uknown what the roles of Blue Umbrella or the B.S.A.A. will have with Resident Evil Village. Mia's own prior affiliation with The Connections, who was chiefly responsible for the events surrounding the Baker Family, have no clear narrative affiliation with the future plot in the upcoming game.

New Enemy Types


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Lycans may be one of the various enemy types that you will encounter in the game like how the Molded were in Resident Evil 7. These Lycans plague the Village, and will likely be the most common type of enemy encountered as you journey up to Dimitriscu Castle.

Unnamed Enemies

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Another enemy type whose name has not been revealed yet. Much like the Lycans, they seem to serve in the same role as that of the Molded in Resident Evil 7. What separates these unnamed foes from the Lycans is that they seem to be capable of wielding weapons like swords and axes.

Lady Dimitriscu's Daughters

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The one final enemy you will encounter that was revealed during the showcase and at the end of the visual demo for Resident Evil Village, Maiden, are the daughters of Lady Dimitriscu. Capable of turning into a group of flies that scurry around following you, they may serve in the same stalker-like capacity that Jack Baker did in Resident Evil 7.

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