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The Village II Stage Guide | Mercenaries Mode

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This is a stage guide for the level The Village II in Resident Evil Village's Mercenaries Mode. Read on to find out where time bonuses can be found, where abilities can be gained, how to defeat all enemies, and how to complete each area!

The Village II Stage Guide

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First Area

Village II Area 1.png

Enemies to Defeat 15 (Minimum)
30 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 2
With the LEMI upgraded as much as possible (focus on damage and reload speed first), start off first by killing the first two Lycans that come after you. Run straight to the Ability pick up to your right afterwards.
A third Lycan will spawn afterwards, kill it and the surrounding Moroaicas as you go up the trail towards the Graveyard where there's a Time Bonus. A third Lycan will spawn in the path to the right, kill it and head up.
Kill the Moroaica lying facedown and take the Ability. Head down the trail and clean up any Moroaica you might still have left.
An Armored Lycan will appear – kill it and the two Moroaicas trailing behind it. Use the Moroaicas to keep your combo alive. Afterwards, head up the path where they came from.
At the altar, you'll find an Ability to your left and a Time Bonus in front of the gate at the back. Armored Lycans will spawn here, as well as Moroaicas. Take them out and take the two pickups, before eliminating the rest of the Moroaicas still left.
Head back to the village's center and interact with the Goal to finish this area.

Second Area

The Village II - Area 3

Enemies to Defeat 15 (Minimum)
23 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 2
Pick up the ammo directly in front of you and run straight down the path. Take both Time Bonuses on either side of the path here, and make sure to reduce the health of the enemies in front of you. Do not, however, kill them outright.
Run straight to the Ability pickup in the far end of the area. Be careful of the Lycan archers here. Turn around after picking an ability and start killing the weakened enemies.
Make your back up the path and kill the Armored Lycan here. As you make your way up the Stronghold, make sure to avoid any arrows shot at you. When you reach the two archers with a red barrel behind them, simply shoot it and continue up.
If you have the Magnum in your inventory, waste two shots, one for each of the Armored Lycans that jump down. If they are still alive, finish them with the LEMI and run straight up the stairs to pick up the Ability.
Use the LEMI to kill the remaining Lycans in the area, and touch the Goal once you're through.

Third Area

The Village II - Area 3

Enemies to Defeat 20 (Minimum)
32 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 2
Start off by killing the Moroaicas outside. Pick up the Ability and shoot at the Moroaicas on the bridge while staying out of sight of the archers. Finally, take out the archers.
Kill the Moroaicas that come out of the barn, and use a Magnum shot on the Soldat Eins that follows them out. Be sure to pick up the Time Bonus on the landing above, and kill the three Moroaicas that spawn in the barn with you. You may want to save one Moroaicas to keep your combo alive for after the time bonus, since it is located upstairs.
In the area between houses, shoot at the Lycan archer first, pick up the Time Bonus, and then kill the Moroaicas.
Head up the stairs and use a Pipe Bomb on the Moroacias and Soldat Eins inside. Pick up the Ability before heading down the ladder.
Kill the Lycan archers when you make it outside, including the Moroaicas. Shoot at the red barrel inside of the house through the window, and make your way down to the stream.
Pick up the Ability back at the house, and kill the reamining Moroaicas.
Use another Magnum shot on the Varcolac waiting outside, and touch the Goal to finish the area.

The Village II Enemies

Lycan.pngLycans Armored Lycans Icon.pngArmored Lycans Varcolac Icon.pngVarcolac
Moroaica Icon.pngMoroaica Soldat Icon.pngSoldat Eins -

The Village II Rank Rewards

Rank Points Needed Rewards
B 84,000 The Castle II Stage

How to Get SSS Rank

Recommended Abilities and Weapons

Recommended Abilities

Lightning Speed.pngLightning Speed Pistol Master.pngPistol Master Thick Skinned.pngThick Skinned

Grab both Pistol Master and Lightning Speed where you can – these two abilities hand in hand will allow you to maximize the use of the LEMI, while also allowing you to freely move about and away from the faster enemies.

Thick Skinned lets you tank hits, but don't be careless and keep at least one First Aid in your inventory.

Recommended Weapons

LEMI - Resident Evil Village.pngLEMI M1851 Wolfsbane - Resident Evil Village.pngM1851 Wolfsbane

You're not left with any options in this Stage, as you're forced to use the LEMI throughout the entire duration of The Village II. Fully upgrade it when you're in the Merchant's Room, and only buy the Magnum after the first area. Use the Magnum sparingly, as its ammunition is finite.

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