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Lady Dimitrescu Character Profile: Who Is The Tall Vampire Lady?

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Alcina Dimitrescu, otherwise known as Lady Dimitrescu, is the tall vampire lady you'll encounter in Resident Evil Village. This page will explain who Alcina is and what her role is in the story.

Alcina Dimitrescu: Basic Information

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Name Alcina Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu
Role Mistress of the Castle
Voice Actor Maggie Robertson

Lady Dimitrescu serves as the mistress of The Castle – one of the locations that you explore over the course of the game – alongside her three daughters, Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela.

How Tall is Lady Dimitrescu?

Lady Dimitrescu stands at a massive 9'6" according to the game's director Tomonori Takano. Her imposing height is enough to indimitate anybody when she suddenly appears within the halls of Dimitrescu Castle.

Alcina Dimitrescu Profile and Backstory

Warning: This secton may contain spoilers!

The Tall Vampire Lady

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Alcina, better known as Lady Dimistrecu, is one of the main antagonists of Resident Evil Village and head of her house in Dimistrecu Castle. She shares many qualities with that of a Vampire.

Based on the architecture of her castle and the paintings found throughout it, it is implied that Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have been alive since the Victorian era.

Servant of Mother Miranda

There is a close connection to Mother Miranda, whom Lady Dimitrescu follows along with Heisenberg, who leads the Lycan hordes that terrorize the village, the grotesque Salvatore, and the puppeteer Donna.

As a servant of Mother Miranda, she looks to hunt Ethan Winters down to prevent his intervention of an unnamed ritual that she mentions when speaking with Mother Miranda during the trailer.

Dimitrescu's True Powers

While indeed sharing qualities with Vampires, Lady Dimitrescu is in fact simply a human whose body took to Mother Miranda's experimenation with the things called Cadou. This Cadou was able to transform her into an abnormally tall woman, who needs to consume human flesh and blood to continue looking "normal" due to an old blood disease that ran in the Dimitrescu family.

Dimitrescu remains loyal to Mother Miranda, even believing that she is the favorite "daughter."

She hunts Ethan down after he kills all her daughters, taunting him all the while about the fate of Rose. She is eventually stabbed by Ethan with a dagger she herself sealed away, causing her to lose control of her transformation and mutate into a gigantic dragon-like monster. She is killed by Ethan Winters.

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