Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

List of Bosses

Want to know what bosses Ethan will be facing as he attempts to save his daughter? Check here for the complete list of all the bosses found in Resident Evil Village.

List of Bosses

Dimitrescu Daughters Icon.pngDaughters of Dimitrescu Weaknesses Item Drop
Cold Air
Head Shots
Crystal Torso Icon.pngCrystal Torso
Dimitrescu Boss Icon.pngLady Dimitrescu Weaknesses Item Drop
Sniper Fire
Crystal Dimitrescu Icon.pngCrystal Dimitrescu
Baby Icon.pngBaby Weaknesses Item Drop
None None
Donna Beneviento Icon.pngDonna Beneviento Weaknesses Item Drop
None Angie Icon.pngAngie the Doll
Moreau Icon.pngSalvatore Moreau Weaknesses Item Drop
Shotgun Blasts
Crystal Moreau Icon.pngCrystal Moreau
Urias Icon.pngUrias Weaknesses Item Drop
None Crystal Hammer Icon.pngCrystal Hammer
Sturm Icon.pngSturm Weaknesses Item Drop
Red Area on Its Back Complex Mechanical Heart.pngComplex Mechanical Heart
Heisenberg Icon.pngKarl Heisenberg Weaknesses Item Drop
Explosives Crystal Heisenberg Icon.pngCrystal Heisenberg
Urias Icon2.pngUrias Strajer Weaknesses Item Drop
Shots to Back Area Giant Crystal Mace Icon.pngGiant Crystal Mace
Mother Miranda Icon.pngMother Miranda Weaknesses Item Drop
None Rosemary Winters

List of Optional Bosses

List of Optional Bosses Banner.png

List of Optional Bosses

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