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How to Beat the Moreau Treasure Varcolac | Boss Fight Guide

This is a guide on how to beat Moreau Treasure Varcolac, a boss in Resident Evil Village. This page will explain Moreau Treasure Varcolac's attack patterns, weaknesses, and include tips and tricks on how you can defeat them!

Moreau Treasure Varcolac Basic Information

Drops Crystal Beast
Weaknesses Explosives
Shotgun Blasts
Magnum Shot

Moreau Treasure Varcolac Location

Map Image World View

The Varcolac can be found in the Moreau's Lab area. He appears stalking around the small group of buildings outside after you get the M1851 Wolfsbane. The Varcolac serves as the guardian to Moreau's Hidden Weapon.

How to Get Moreau's Hidden Weapon

Attack Patterns

Moreau Treasure Varcolac Attack.png
Overall, the Varcolac guarding Moreau's Lab isn't different from all the other Varcolacs you'll encounter in the game. It will still chase after you if it sees you or you aggravate it, and will still try to claw its way inside of a building you're in to get swipes at you.

How to Beat Moreau Treasure Varcolac

Stay Indoors

Moreau Treasure Varcolac Indoors.png

Once it sees you, avoid fighting it out in the open at all costs. Get inside of a building with windows or doors – the Varcolac will try to squeeze through and get stuck, allowing you to shoot at it until it moves away or dies.

Use Explosives

Moreau Treasure Varcolac Explosives.png

Execute a trap where you plant mines near doorways or windows that the Varcolac will try to squeeze through. These explosives will trigger, causing massive damage. Alternatively, you can throw Pipe Bombs or use Explosive Rounds directly onto it.

Use the Magnum

Moreau Treasure Varcolac Magnum.png

If you wish to save time, energy, and ammunition for your other weapons, simply use the Magnum that you picked up. Two or three shots will do, making it a faster way of dealing with this mini-boss.

Recommended Weapons

M1851 Wolfsbane - Resident Evil Village.pngM1851 Wolfsbane W870 TAC - Resident Evil Village.pngW870
Mine Icon.pngMine Pipe Bomb Icon.pngPipe Bomb

You will mostly use your pistol in this fight to aggravate the Varcolac. Lay out mines around windows or doors you intend the beast to try and squeeze through, and shoot it with your pistol to begin the chase. Once it's stuck, whip out either your Shotgun or Grenade Launcher and start hammering away at it until it dies or runs away.

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