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Items Guide: All Item Types and How to Use Them

Items Guide All Item Types

This guide covers all types of items found in Resident Evil Village. For information on key items, weapons, ammo, customizable parts, recovery items, treasures, and ingredients, read on.

Items Overview

There are a variety of items for the player to buy, sell, craft, and use throughout Resident Evil Village. This guide will cover the different item types and how to use them effectively.

Item Types and How to Use Them

Key Items

Resident Evil Village Maroon Eye Ring.png

Key Items are items required to progress in the game and can be obtained by exploring the environment and examining objects. Key items are used to solve puzzles or open doors to new areas, so if you find yourself stuck, try looking around for key items.

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Resident Evil Village Handgun Ammo (1).png

Ammo is one of the biggest parts of resource management in the Resident Evil Series, and Village is no exception. Thankfully, there are two main ways of obtaining more ammo, either buying it at the shop or crafting it by combining gunpowder and chem fluid. As each type of gun takes specific ammo types, it is important to consider which type of ammo to buy or craft.

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Customizable Parts

M1897 - Hair Trigger.png

In addition to upgrading weapons at the Gunsmithy, customizable parts are available at the Duke's Emporium under Supplies to further upgrade weapons. For example, the M1897 shotgun's rate of fire cannot be upgraded via the Gunsmithy but can be upgraded by purchasing the M1897 - Hair Trigger and attaching it to the M1897.

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Resident Evil Village Pipe Bomb.png

Explosives are a secondary offensive option that can take out large numbers of enemies quickly. Explosives can be crafted with scrap metal and gunpowder, or can be purchased from the shop.

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Recovery Items

Resident Evil Village - Med Injector.jpg
Recovery items are essential for surviving the challenging enemies and bosses you will have to face. First Aid Meds can be crafted using herbs and chem fluid similar to Resident Evil 7 or can be purchased for 1000 Lei from the Duke's Emporium. Use recovery items after sustaining injuries to recover some health.

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Resident Evil Village Crimson Glass.png

Treasures can be sold for large amounts of Lei and can be found in the environment or dropped from enemies. By collecting and selling treasures, the player can spend more Lei on vital resources like weapons, ammo, and recovery items.

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Resident Evil Village Quality Meat.jpg
In the Duke's Kitchen, you can cook up permanent stat upgrades for Ethan by obtaining a recipe and the proper ingredients. Ingredients are obtained by hunting animals, which adds another layer to resource management as the player needs to decide if the hunt is worth the ammo.

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Rifle Ammo Recipe

Recipes are required items for cooking in the Duke's Kitchen and learning how to craft ammo types from the crafting menu.

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Crafting Materials

Crafting Screen.png

With Crafting Materials, you can create ammo and healing items at any time, provided you have the right resources. Each craftable item has a set of required materials, so it's important to choose which items you want to prioritize before crafting.

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