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Does Resident Evil Village Have A Secret Ending?

Secret Ending
Many challenges, modes, bonuses, and unlocks can be received by those who finish Resident Evil Village under certain conditions. However, ss a Secret Ending as well? If so, what occurs in the Secret Ending?

Does Resident Evil Village Have A Secret Ending?

Does RE8 Have a Secret Ending
Unfortunately, Resident Evil Village has no secret ending that can be accessed, even after completing the game, including the unlockable Mercenaries Mode, and every available challenge.

The game ends as it usually does in every playthrough you do. Rosemary still survives, and Ethan remains dead. Despite not having a "Secret Ending" however, there is a secret that can be found in the original ending.

The Secret of the Ending

In the original ending, we see an older Rosemary visiting Ethan's grave in the cemetery when one of Chris Redfield's men come to pick her up for "work." As the two drive away, players may have missed out on the solitary figure walking towards the speeding vehicle, which seemingly stops and wait for the walking figure to reach it.

There are many speculations that this could be Ethan himself, although no confirmation has been provided. Nonetheless, this is the closest we could get to a "Secret Ending" for Resident Evil Village.

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