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Speedrun Guide | Dashing Dad Achievement

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Here is a complete guide speedrunning and how to unlock the Dashing Dad Achievement for Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). To know more about key strategies for unlocking this achievement, read on!

What is the Dashing Dad Challenge?

The Dashing Dad Challenge, or Speedrun Challenge, is one of the Challenges in Resident Evil Village. The goal is to finish the story in under 3 hours. While completing this challenge may seem impossible on your first attempt of playing the game, it is very much doable in your New Game Plus

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Speedrun Preparations

Speedrunning Tips

Dashing Dad Achievement Tips
It is much better to try going after this achievement on New Game Plus. You'll have access to other weapons as well as know what to do in the Main Story.
Make sure that you have cooked and consumed all available dishes in your previous game. Make the Sarmale de Peste a priority in the dishes you cook. This dish will significantly make your movements faster.
Not all enemies you encounter are worth fighting. You can run away from enemies if you wish – this saves you both time and healing items you'll need in Boss Fights.
Do not waste time going after the Village Treasures. These items are not necessary to complete the game and will just waste valuable time.
Always be on the move. There is a significant difference in the speed of your movement if you are running. It may appear to be very slight, but when it comes to speedrunning, that small difference is significant.

Finish the Game

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) Finish the Game

While finishing the game once is not a requirement, it will make things easier for you moving forwards as you try to get the Dashing Dad Achievement. You'll need the knowledge of where to get items and how to solve puzzles, along with where enemies tend to pop up in the different areas of the game to easily speed through the game.

Finishing the game also unlocks the Extra Content Shop, allowing you to unlock more power guns and even Infinite Ammo.

Lower the Difficulty

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) Lower the Difficulty

Finishing the game is an accomplishment in and of itself. However, speedrunning the game on higher difficulties will prove to be difficult as enemies will be tougher and stronger. We recommend you to play on Casual on a New Game Plus so you can breeze through most enemies.

Regularly Check the Time on the Pause Menu

You can check how much time you have left in the Pause Menu. Accessing the Pause Menu also stops the timer on your playthrough giving you enough time to plan your next move.

Unlock Infinite Ammo

Get Infinite Ammo - Resident Evil Village.jpg

Make sure you have unlocked Infinite Ammo for your weapons before you attempt this challenge. Having Infinite Ammo makes it easier to take out enemies before they close in your position.
How to Unlock Infinite Ammo

Recommended Weapons

Weapon Reason
Dragoon - Resident Evil Village.png Dragoon The Dragoon is available when you start a New Game Plus. It requires no upgrades and is already a formidable weapon against most enemies.
WCX - Resident Evil Village.png WCX Superior to the Dragoon in every way, the WCX only has a single drawback. Unlocking Infinite Ammo for this weapon requires full customization and upgrades.
GM 79 - Resident Evil Village.pngGM 79 The grenade launcher is good for taking out multiple enemies at once. The only downside is the 1 ammo capacity and abysmal reload time.
M1851 Wolfsbane - Resident Evil Village.pngM1851 Wolfsbane Most, if not all, enemies only take one Magnum Bullet to go down, making it the most effective weapon to one-shot your enemies with.
S.T.A.K.E. - Resident Evil Village.pngS.T.A.K.E A stronger magnum available after completing the story once and obtaining enough Completion Points (CP) to purchase at the Extra Content Shop.

Best Weapons List

How to Get the Dashing Dad Trophy

General Tip: Skip Cutscenes

Cutscenes are counted in your gameplay. If you have the option of skipping a cutscene, it is highly recommended that you do so. The game has a good amount of cutscenes you can skip if you've already completed the game once. Skipping can save you a a good amount of time in your overall gameplay time.

Story Walkthrough Speedrun Tips
1. Prologue 2. Village Part 1 3. Castle Dimitrescu
4. Village Part 2 5. House Beneviento 6. Moreau's Reservoir
7. Stronghold 8. Heisenberg's Factory 9. Finale

Prologue Tips

Go Straight to the House with a Light

After sliding down to the Village, instead of going to the house that triggers the dragging of the dead horse, go directly to the house by the Iron Insignia Gate.

Go Crazy in the Lycan Attack

Don't wait for Lycans to spawn to your location. If you have a Rifle or Magnum equipped with Infinite Ammo, you can just go out and start shooting enough Lycans to trigger the next cutscene.

Village Part 1 Tips

Skip the Lycans

In your first visit to the Village, go directy to this shed and avoid fighting the Lycans entirely. Go over the hole in the wall, and wrap things up in Luiza's House. The Lycans will be gone by the time you finish everything in the area.

Castle Dimitrescu Tips

The Hall of the Four Puzzle

Resident Evil Village - Hall of the Four.jpg
The fastest way to clear Castle Dimitrescu is to obtain the Mask of the Four in this order:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Mask of Sorrow Icon.pngMask of Sorrow Mask of Joy Icon.pngMask of Joy Mask of Rage Icon.pngMask of Rage Mask of Pleasure Icon.pngMask of Pleasure
1 As soon as you obtain the Mask of Sorrow, go to the Opera Hall and get the Iron Insignia Key from the Piano Puzzle.
2 Take down Daniela in the Library and take the Mask of Joy from the Hall of Joy. Continue to the Atelier and solve the 5 Bells Puzzle.
3 Go up the Rooftops and grab the Mask of Rage, then take the elevator back to the first floor.
4 Go to the Hall of Pleasure and take the Mask of Pleasure. Kill Cassandra then go back to the Main Hall to solve the puzzle.

Village Part 2 Tips

Don't Go After the Village Treasures

If you're attempting this challenge on New Game Plus, you know you don't need to acquire the Village Treasures to complete the game. Going after these treasures will only waste valuable time.

Skip the Optional Bosses

Resident Evil Village - Speedrun - Skip Optional Bosses.jpg
The same goes for the optional bosses in the game: the Varcolac Alfa, Moreau Treasure Varcolac, Beneviento Treasure Giant, and the Cannibal's Plunder Giant. These bosses can take 10-15 mins to defeat. These numbers may not sound a lot, but every second counts in this challenge.

House Beneviento Tips

Take Shortcuts

Resident Evil Village - Speedrun - Baby.png
When escaping the Baby the first time you face it, use the workshop table to circle around it and dash to the Breaker Box.

While you can opt to go through the Medicine Room and through the crawling space where you got the Scissors, it will require you to take another lap through the basement because the Baby will follow the same path you choose.

Moreau's Reservoir Tips

Go Straight for the Boat Key

After taking the Arns Flask, go directly to the house with the Boat Key before going to the boathouse. It's not a lot, but going directly for the Boat Key can save you a few minutes.

Stronghold Tips

Run Towards the Zipline

You do not need to kill every Lycan in the Stronghold. As soon as you enter the den, run towards the zipline and kill only the ones in your path. After riding the zipline, go straight for the door where the Armored Lycan spawns. Throw a Pipe Bomb or use the GM 79 to take down the group, then go through the door and the Lycans won't follow you.

Heisenberg's Factory Tips

Haulers can be Ignored

Resident Evil Speedrun - Hauler.png
The Factory can be the trickiest stage in the entire village. Most Haulers are so slow, you can get past them without having to waste bullets. The real enemies you should focus on are the Soldats since they can guard their red chest piece. Use a Magnum or a Rifle to stagger them and deliver the killing blow when they are down.

Finale Tips

Go for the Head

The Finale itself isn't very time-consuming. You can save a lot of time as Chris Redfield if you take out the groups of Lycans using the hand grenades. The Finale also has a few cutscenes you can skip if you've already finished the story once.

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Speedrun (Dashing Dad)


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