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Postgame Guide

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This is a guide on what you can do after finishing Resident Evil Village. Keep reading to see what you unlock for beating the game and what else you can do to get the most out of the game!

What to Do When You Finish the Game

Complete the DLC


Once you've cleared the base game, learn what happens to 16-year old Rose as she figures out who she is and how her father's legacy is passed down to her. The "Winter's Expansion" DLC is set to be released on October 28, 2022!

Winter's Expansion DLC: Release Date and Contents

Trophy Clean-up

Difficult Trophies
Bronze Trophy When You Gotta Go...
Open the door to every outhouse in the Village in a single playthrough
Bronze Trophy Hooligan
Break every breakable window in Castle Dimitrescu in a single playthrough.
Bronze Trophy Heretic
Destroy all the Goats of Warding.
Bronze Trophy Veteran Gunsmith
Equip every gun with its customizable parts in the story.
Bronze Trophy Bookworm
Read every single file in the story.

One thing you can set your sights on after clearing the story is to hunt any remaining trophies you have left to unlock. Many of these can be done before you finish the game, but alongside Challenges, there are more to get, especially if you missed some.

Trophy and Achievements Guide

Destroy All the Goats of Warding

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One of the most difficult of the collectible-type trophies is for destroying every Goat of Warding. Aside from the Village, most areas become inaccessible once you move on from them, so if you miss anything, you'll need to reload a save or play through the game again.

If you have any trouble finding them, we have a guide for the location of every Goat in the game.

List of All Goats of Warding and Where to Find Them

List of Collectibles

Resident Evil Village Goat 1 Location.jpgGoats of Warding Resident Evil Village - Fridge Memo.jpgAll Files
Moreau Labyrinth.jpgLabyrinth Puzzles Well Wheel.pngWells and Rewards
Combinable Treasure.jpgAll Combinable Treasure

List of Missables

Resident Evil Village - Breakable Windows - Window 19.jpgAll Windows in Castle Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village - All Outhouse Locations - Outhouse 4.jpgAll Outhouses in the Village

Complete Challenges

Resident Evil Village_20210509222544.jpg

By fulfilling each Challenge's requirements you can earn CP (Completion Points) that are used to purchase various things from the Extra Content Shop.

While all trophies are considered a Challenge, there are actually many more Challenges than trophies that you can complete to keep you playing the game.

List of Challenges

Get High Scores in The Mercenaries

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You can also unlock the Mercenaries, a game mode returning from Resident Evil 4 and 5. In this game mode, you must kill enemies within the time limit to accumulate points to unlock more stages and other goodies.

Depending on your score, you will be assigned a rank, and the rank you get determines your reward. There are also trophies tied to this mode so keep playing and aim for the highest score!

How to Play Mercenaries Mode

Postgame Additions

CheckmarkUnlock the Village of Shadows difficulty

CheckmarkUnlock More Bonuses
・Extra Content Shop
・Concept Art

CheckmarkUnlock the Extra Content Shop
・The Mercenaries Game Mode
・Special Weapons

Unlock the Village of Shadows Difficulty

Resident Evil Village_20210509221137.jpg

Harder Than Hardcore

The Village of Shadows difficulty mode is the hardest difficulty in the game above Hardcore. In previous games in the series, the hardest difficulty would make enemies stronger, decrease the amount of save points, or disable auto-save, so it's safe to assume things are similar this time around.

Unlock More Bonuses

Resident Evil Village_20210509221130.jpg

Bonus Content
Extra Content Shop Unlock Concept Art, Figures, and Special Weapons.
Concept Art A variety of artwork created for the game, including characters, enemies, and more.
Figures 3D models of characters and enemies.
Challenges Complete various challenges that provide CP to use in the Extra Content Shop.

After clearing Resident Evil Village, the Extra Content Shop, Concept Art, Figures, and Challenges menus will be added to the Bonuses menu on the title screen.

Concept Art and Figures can be purchased in the Extra Content Shop using CP earned by completing Challenges which you can continue to fulfill in subsequent playthroughs.

Unlock the Extra Content Shop

Content Unlock Requirements
The Mercenaries Game Mode Clear the story once.
WCX Special Weapon Clear the story once.
Handcannon PZ Special Weapon Clear the game on Hardcore difficulty or higher.
Rocket Pistol Clear the game on Village of Shadows difficulty.

Some of the unlockables in the Extra Content Shop require you to clear the game on the hardest difficulties to be available fpr purchase. For a full list of all unlockables in the extra content shop and their prices, check out our guide below.

The Extra Content Shop

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