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Village of Shadows Walkthrough: How to Beat the Game on the Hardest Difficulty

Village of Shadows Guide - Resident Evil Village.png
This page will guide you on how to beat the hardest difficulty in the game, Village of Shadows, in Resident Evil Village. Check here to see the differences between other difficulties, tips for clearing it, recommended weapons, and the best strategy for boss or encounter battles.

Village of Shadows Difficulty Differences

Village of Shadows Difficulty Differences

Enemies have increased attack and health

Enemies have increased attack and health - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Enemies in the Village of Shadows difficulty have higher health and damage compared to lower difficulties. It only takes one grab attack from a regular enemy to put you at critical health. Avoid getting cornered by even regular enemies at all costs when taking on the Village of Shadows difficulty!

Faster enemy movement and attack speed

Faster Enemy movement and attack speed - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Watch out for the enemies you encounter in the Village of Shadows difficulty. They all have faster movement speed and attack speed. It will only take a couple of seconds for them to get close, so careful of nearby enemy positions and try not to get ambushed.

Increased number of Enemies

More Enemies will Appear - Resident Evil Village.jpg
You will encounter more enemies than usual in the Village of Shadows Difficulty. Stay vigilant, especially when you have to escape from bosses like Bela or Sturm, as there will be enemies blocking your escape. Make sure to equip a weapon that can kill multiple targets quickly, like the GM79, to clear the way.

Stronger types of enemies will also show up

Soldat Panzer Explosives.png
Not only has the number of enemies increased, but stronger enemy types will also appear, even right from the start. Always stay vigilant as enemies will come from unexpected places at the worst possible times!
List of All Enemies and Monsters

Save Points and Item locations do not change

Save Points - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Unlike the Madhouse difficulty of Resident Evil 7, this time you don't need to worry about the game's progression route changing even if you play the story at the highest difficulty. The save points (typewriters), auto-save points, and item locations are still the same. You can progress normally without worrying, so speed running will still be possible!

Tips for Clearing Village of Shadows Difficulty

Get Infinite Ammo for Weapons

Get Infinite Ammo - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Make sure to get infinite ammo for a weapon first before taking on the Village of Shadows difficulty. Grind first through playing on Casual or Standard difficulty and complete challenges to earn Lei and CP, as they're necessary to get infinite ammo in the game.

How to Unlock Infinite Ammo

Cook all available Dishes

Resident Evil Village Ciorba de Porc
It is highly recommended to get all the buffs from the dishes in the Duke's Kitchen before challenging the story in the Village of Shadows difficulty. You will get to increase your max HP, movement speed and reduce damage taken when blocking, depending on the dish you have taken. You'll be harder to kill if you have them all, so start collecting the required ingredients now and deliver them to the Duke!
The Duke's Kitchen | Recipe Guide and Effects

Make sure to Block when needed

Block when Needed - Resident Evil Village.jpg
All enemies have increased attack in the Village of Shadows difficulty. Always remember to block if you can't evade their attack as it will lessen the damage you'll receive, and you'll be able to hit them back quickly. You can also push them back if you've successfully blocked their attack.

Stock up on First Aid Meds

Stack up on First Aid Meds - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Stocking up on First Aid Meds is a must when doing a run on the Village of Shadows difficulty, as you'll undoubtedly get hit by enemies. Try playing through Casual or Standard mode to get craftable materials for the First Aid Meds, or buy them from the Duke.
First Aid Med Item Guide

Save Frequently

Save Frequently - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Since the enemies in the Village of Shadows difficulty have increased speed and damage, it is much easier to die in this mode. Save the game frequently so you don't lose progress. Especially save near the Duke, in case you need more items.

Recommended Weapons

Weapons w/ Infinite Ammo Recommendation Level

WCX Assault Rifle

WCX- Foregrip.pngWCX - Foregrip WCX - Red Dot Sight.pngWCX - Red Dot Sight
Max Upgrade Cost: 1,062,000 Lei Total CP Cost: 90,000 CP

The WCX has a high fire rate and ammo capacity when maxed out, making it easier to clear hordes of monsters without reloading. It also has higher power than the Dragoon. Farm CP and Lei to get the WCX and infinite ammo for it to progress more smoothly through the Village of Shadows difficulty.
WCX Weapon Stats and Upgrades

S.T.A.K.E. Magnum

S.T.A.K.E. - Improved Grip.pngS.T.A.K.E. - Improved Grip S.T.A.K.E. - High-Capacity Mag..pngS.T.A.K.E. - High-Capacity Mag.
Max Upgrade Cost: 1,703,000 Lei Total CP Cost: 120,000 CP

The S.T.A.K.E. is one of the easiest to get and one of the strongest weapons in New Game Plus. Using it with infinite ammo in the Village of Shadows Difficulty is highly recommended. It deals absurdly high damage to enemies even when not hitting their weak spots. Its high ammo capacity is enough to clear waves of monsters without reloading as often as other magnums as well.
S.T.A.K.E. Weapon Stats and Upgrades

GM 79 Grenade Launcher

GM 79GM 79
Max Upgrade Cost: 0 Lei Total CP Cost: 80,000 CP

The GM 79 with infinite ammo is also one of the best weapons to use for Village of Shadows. It provides blast damage that can hit multiple targets and can stagger larger monsters. The GM 79's Flashbang rounds are particularly useful for stunning enemies, even bosses. Infinite ammo for the GM 79 will be available in the Extra Content Shop immediately after you finish the story on your first playthrough.
GM 79 Weapon Stats and Upgrades

Dragoon Assault Rifle

Max Upgrade Cost: 0 Lei Total CP Cost: 80,000 CP

Dragoon is a useful weapon to start your New Game+ on Village of Shadows difficulty. It has high power that can quickly take out regular mobs. The drawback of using this weapon is that it only has 30 ammo capacity, and it can only reach a short-range.
Dragoon Weapon Stats and Upgrades

M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum

M1851 WolfsbaneM1851 Wolfsbane
M8151 Wolfsbane - Long Barrel.pngM1851 Wolfsbane - Long Barrel M8151 Wolfsbane - Increased Capacity Cylinder.pngM1851 Wolfsbane - Increased Capacity Cylinder
Max Upgrade Cost: 973,000 Lei Total CP Cost: 95,000 CP

You should get the M1851 Wolfsbane's infinite ammo if you don't have enough Lei or CP for the S.T.A.K.E. weapon yet. It deals fair damage to normal mobs, and it can also one-shot Lycans.
M1851 Wolfsbane Weapon Stats and Upgrades

Bosses and Encounters Strategy

Survive the Lycan Attack

Survive Lycan Attack - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Key Strategy
Check markCamp the house with the ladder leading to the basement. There is only one entrance at the top of the ladder.
Check markShoot Explosive or Flashbang Rounds if surrounded.
Check markTry to place mines while running away.

Prologue Walkthrough and Maps

Bela Boss Fight

Bela Boss Fight - Resident Evil Village.jpeg
Key Strategy
Check markFocus on Bela and block or evade the Moroaica's attacks.
Check markMagnum rounds will make quick work of her.
Check markUsing the Grenade Launcher can take out the Moraica's and stagger Bela as well.

How to Beat the Dimitrescu Daughters: Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra

Escape from Lady Dimitrescu

Escape From Lady Dimitrescu - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Key Strategy
Check markSet up some mines before activating the door
Check markUse obstacles to avoid attacks
Check markTry to lure Lady Dimitrescu to the Moroaica to kill them
Check markShe is much faster, so keep your distance and rotate around pillars to avoid getting killed

Castle Dimitrescu Part 2 Walkthrough and Maps

Daniela Boss Fight

Dimitrescu Daughters - Daniela Attack.png
Key Strategy
Check markKeep your distance
Check markLet in the cold by turning the lever on one of the pillars
Check markUse a magnum with infinite ammo to end things quickly

How to Beat the Dimitrescu Daughters: Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra

Cassandra Boss Fight

Cassandra - Attack.png
Key Strategy
Check markMove the bookcase on the left wall and use a pipe bomb to let in the cold.
Check markUse obstacles in the room to get some distance
Check markUse a magnum with infinite ammo to end things quickly

How to Beat the Dimitrescu Daughters: Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra

Lady Dimitrescu Boss Fight

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) How to Beat Lady Dimitrescu
Key Strategy
Check markGet some shots in with a magnum as she first appears on the staircase
Check markAim for her body coming out of the top of the monster
Check markSnipe her out of the air
Check markUse mines and pipe bombs when she is on the ground

How to Beat Lady Dimitrescu

Moreau Boss Fight

Moreau - Target the Mouth.png
Key Strategy
Check markAim for Moreau's mouth
Check markAvoid his acid rain attack by hiding under a building with an overhang
Check markShoot the explosive barrels for high damage and stun
Check markUse mines when Moreau advances towards you

How to Beat Moreau

Head to the Stronghold

Head to Stronghold - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Key Strategy
Check markKeep moving forward while attacking! Getting pinned in one place will lead to your death.
Check markUse Pipe Bombs and Explosive Rounds to fend the Lycans off.

The Stronghold Walkthrough and Maps

Urias Boss Fight

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) How to Beat Urias.png
Key Strategy
Check markAvoid his jump attack by running away
Check markBlock hits if you can't dodge in time
Check markUse pipe bombs to both deal damage to Urias and take down the Lycans that spawn
Check markPick up the supplies on the sides of the room
Check markUsing a magnum is highly recommended

How to Beat Urias

Escape from Sturm

Escape from Sturm - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Key Strategy
Check markKill the Haulers blocking the way or stun them.
Check markSturm will close in fast, so run as quickly as possible.

Heisenberg's Factory Walkthrough and Maps

Sturm Boss Fight

Sturm Boss Fight - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Key Strategy
Check markLet Sturm clear out the walls in the area. It will be easier to move and dodge his attacks.
Check markPlace mines and lure Sturm in to stun him.
Check markWatch or listen to the sound when Sturm is about to attack using fire. Evade it at all cost to avoid dying.
Check markHit him in the legs to deal at least small damage if you can't get a view on his weak spot on the back.

How to Beat Sturm | Boss Fight Guide

Heisenberg Boss Fight

Heisenberg Boss Fight - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Key Strategy
Check markFocus on hitting his weak spots (red/orange spots) to stop his movements.
Check markKeep your distance as you'll die after getting hit 3 times, even if you're blocking.
Check markOnly fire the cannon when Heisenberg attacks with his right arm and dodge his left arm.
Check markUse the debris Heisenberg throws as cover.

How to Beat Heisenberg | Boss Fight Guide

Battle with Lycans (Using Target Locator)

Battle with Lycans (Using Target Locator) - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Key Strategy
Check markGet both sets of supplies before using the Target Locator.
Check markThere is an explosive barrel near each supply point to deal with the Lycans.
Check markThere is a ladder you can climb on the house to the left to help avoid the Lycans.
Check markUse Hand Grenades and Flashbangs to kill or slow down the Lycans.
Check markMove away from the Lycans before targeting the objective to not get interrupted.
Check markRemember to block to avoid getting grabbed or slowed down.

Finale Walkthrough and Maps

Urias Strajer Boss Fight

Urias Strajer Boss Fight - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Key Strategy
Check markFlashbangs work on him.
Check markTarget his back after hitting with the Target Locator.
Check markBlock whenever he's about to do a slam attack to reduce the damage.

Finale Walkthrough and Maps

Mother Miranda Boss Fight

Mother Miranda - Aim for Her Head.png
Key Strategy
Check markAim for her head
Check markDodge or block her spider form's jump attack
Check markShoot down her fireballs before they can hit you
Check markWhen the room goes dark, use mines or pipe bombs
Check markDodge her flying charge attack by sprinting away

How to Beat Mother Miranda

How to Unlock Village of Shadows Difficulty

Clear the Story

Clear the Story - Resident Evil Village.jpg
Unlock the Village of Shadows by clearing the story on any difficulty at least once. We recommend finishing the story on Casual difficulty to unlock it quickly.

Buy the Trauma Pack DLC

Resident Evil Village DLC Content Found Footage.jpg
You can start the story with the Village of Shadows difficulty is you bought the Trauma Pack DLC. However, it will be hard to finish the story in the highest difficulty using starter weapons, and without their infinite ammo.
Trauma Pack DLC Content: Everything Included

Complete the Universe's Best Dad Challenge

Challenge Requirements
★Universe's Best Dad Reward: 100000 CP
Finish the story on the Village of Shadows difficulty.

List of Challenges | How to Get CP

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