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The Village Stage Guide | Mercenaries Mode

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This is a stage guide for the level The Village in Resident Evil Village's Mercenaries Mode. Read on to find out where time bonuses can be found, where abilities can be gained, how to defeat all enemies, and how to complete each area!

The Village Stage Guide

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First Area

Resident Evil Village_20210511194023.png

Enemies to Defeat 15 (Minimum)
30 (Max)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 2
Move northeast; you'll find an Ability pickup just behind a well. Try to run around any enemies, or injure them without kiling them. You will want to save them for a long combo string later.
Head west up the Graveyard and pick up the Time Bonus. From there, turn right and run past the way to the Church.
You'll see a Moroaica laying on the ground. Make sure to kill it and pick up the Ability along this path. From this point, you can string quick kills by waiting for the enemies that chase you to line up for a Sniper Shot that kills one enemy after another if they're behind each other.
Proceeding down the path towards the Maiden of War statue. Kill the Armored Lycan that spawns there. Do not touch the Goal yet, instead proceed right up the path you normally would take to get to The Duke.
An Armored Lycan will spawn here. If you're combo streak is about to run out, kill a weaker Moroaica then focus on the armored lycan. Defeat all the remaining enemies here and proceed forwards, where you'll find another Time Bonus.
Pick up the last Ability in front of the gate leading to Moreau's Territory. Return to the Goal and interact with it to end this area.

Second Area

Village - Area 2.png

Enemies to Defeat 15 (Minimum)
23 (Max)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 3
Begin by running down the path. Where the road splits off, you'll see a Time Bonus to your right, another to your left, and an Ability pickup on a small hill just beyond the crucified burning body.
Lycan archers as well as Moroaicas will spawn all along this forest route. To have a longer kill string, head towards the Time Bonus on the right. Head past the burning body and climb the rock with the archers. Drop down on the other side and head into a narrow path where you'll find an Ability.
Don't kill anything yet. Pick up the last ability on top of the rock, and then pick up the last Time Bonus on the path. Kill the Armored Lycan near where you spawn, and turn around to start shooting at the enemies you previously ignored.
Begin climbing up to where the Stronghold's gate stands, making sure to keep your kill streak alive by defeating the enemies you encounter.
Once at the top, two Armored Lycans will appear. Dispatch them quickly and pick up the Ability at the top of the stairs at the far left. Simply defeat the remaining enemies you have, before touching the Goal to end this area.

Third Area

Village - Area 3.png

Enemies to Defeat 20 (Minimum)
32 (Max)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 3
You'll start off in a shack with two Moroaicas outside and an Ability pickup.
Across the stream there will be a barn with two archers on top. Kill them and take on the Moroaicas that pool out of the barn, including a Soldat Eins. Climb up to the second floor for a Time Bonus. You may want to keep one Moroaica downstairs alive to keep your combo bonus.
Up the path behind the barn, you'll come across a clearing with a Time Bonus. Kill the archer on the roof to keep up your combo.
Head into the house where there'll be Moroaicas and another Soldat Eins. Take them out and take the Ability pickup in the room with the ladder going down. Drop down without using the ladder to save time.
Once you've exited the bottom part of the house, take a left. There'll be another Time Bonus there.
Head across to the house with a Soldat Eins inside, along with an Ability. Blow the red barrel next to it. Afterwards, head down the path and kill the monsters.
Cross the stream and kill the Moroaicas that spawn here. Blow the red barrel beside the Varcolac and kill it. A few powerful head shots with a rifle or shotgun may also be needed. Touch the Goal to end The Village.

The Village Enemies

Lycan.pngLycans Armored Lycans Icon.pngArmored Lycans Varcolac Icon.pngVarcolac
Moroaica Icon.pngMoroaica Soldat Icon.pngSoldat Eins -

The Village Rank Rewards

Rank Points Needed Rewards
S 630,000 Magic Magazine Ability
A 420,000 The Castle Stage
B 168,000 5000 Lei

Magic Magazine Ability Info

Abilities Effects
Magic MagazineMagic Magazine Ammo capacity doubles.

How to Get SSS Rank

Complete the Hero of the Village Challenge

Challenge Requirements
★Hero of the Village Reward: 5000 CP
Complete The Village stage in The Mercenaries once.

List of Challenges

Recommended Abilities and Weapons

Recommended Abilities

Agile.png Agile Slow Motion.pngSlow Motion Pistol Master.pngPistol Master

Having both the Agility and Slow Motion Abilities help to ensure that you can get the speed advantage over the monsters you fight with. Extremely useful for running around areas searching for Abilities or Time Bonuses, while the Pistol Master Ability helps to make the LEMI a good backup weapon to keep kill combos going.

Recommended Weapons

LEMI - Resident Evil Village.pngLEMI SYG-12 - Resident Evil Village.pngSYG-12
F2 Rifle - Resident Evil Village.pngF2 Rifle

A good strategy to use in all the stages is to sell all the ammo you won't need and sell some of your initial handgun ammo to better upgrade your weapons. Pick up the SYG-12 or F2 Rifle. Though the shotgun allows you to run through enemies while blasting them away easily, the rifle is better for stringing quick kills for combos. Due to its ability to keep combos alive and its superior range compared to the shotgun, we recommend the F2 Rifle to get an SS Rank or higher.

Whichever weapon you choose, sell all the ammo you pick up of the other. Upgrade the damage of either weapon once, and upgrade the ammo capacity the rest of the way. This reduces the number of times you'd need to reload.

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