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How to Beat Salvatore Moreau | Boss Fight Guide

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) How to Beat Salvatore Moreau
This is a guide on how to beat Salvatore Moreau, a boss in Resident Evil Village. This Salvatore Moreau Boss Fight Guide will explain his attack patterns, weaknesses, and include tips and tricks on how you can defeat him!

Salvatore Moreau Basic Information

Moreau Icon.png
Drops Crystal Moreau
Weaknesses Explosives
Shotgun Blasts

Salvatore Moreau Character Profile

Salvaore Moreau Boss Fight Tips

Boss Fight Tips
Shoot the humanoid form sticking out of its mouth.
Use your grenade launcher, or any explosives, to disrupt its attacks.
Shoot the red barrels when it comes too close to them.
Hide from its Acid Rain attacks.
Run away when it starts bloating.

Salvatore Moreau Location

Map Image World View

Once you have successfully drained the small lake Moreau hides in, he will move away to a different location. You must get through him to be able to escape his domain with his part of Rose.

Attack Patterns

Moreau - Attack Patterns.png

Moreau's transformed form is surprisingly fast for its size. Couple this with the water slowing your down as you move around, and it is easy for the creature to catch up to you for a hit if you don't move quickly enough.

It has four main attacks: guzzling acid at you, charging straight towards you, making it rain acid, and a simple hit when you get in too close that knocks you to the ground.

How to Beat Salvatore Moreau

Target the Mouth

Moreau - Target the Mouth.png
Once the fight begins, you'll see a body similar to that of Lady Dimitrescu's monster form protruding out from the creature's mouth. Target that with your weapons. The best choice for this task will be the grenade launcher and shotgun.

Avoid its Acid Attack

Moreau - Acid.png
Every so often, Moreau will attempt to spew acid on you. It will rear its head back and expose the human-like tongue out. Use your Grenade Launcher when it does this to disrupt its attack, or simply run away as it has to stop in its tracks to do this.

Shoot the Red Barrels

Morea - Shoot the Red Barrels.png
Around the area you fight in, there are red barrels you can shoot once Moreau gets too close to them. This deals out massive amounts of damage while at the same time conserving your ammo for you.

Hide Beneath Roofs

Moreau - Acid Rain.png
Once you have dealt it some damage, Moreau will climb up on top of one of the buildings in the area. He will spew out acid and make it rain down. Staying out in the open and getting rained on will drain your health quickly, so it's best to find cover wherever you can.

Run When It Grows

Morea - Grows.png
Moreau will often begin to expand in size – do not attempt to attack it during this phase, as he will simply ignore all damage you throw at it. Instead, run away or use cover, as when he catches up to you, he will spew even more acid at you.

Hit Him When He's Down

Morea - Hit it When It
After dealing it enough damage, the creature will lay on its side, with the human-like appendage sticking out of its mouth. This is the time to hammer it with your weapons. It is best to do this from a distance, as when it rises again it is easy for you to get swiped at if you are too close.

Recommended Weapons

W870 TAC - Resident Evil Village.pngW870 TAC GM 79 - Resident Evil Village.pngGM 79

Only use your pistol and rifle, if you still have them, as backups for this fight. Pistols are moderately useful when Moreau goes down on its side, leaving its human-like tongue protruding out. Shoot at it quickly for a decent amount of damage, but otherwise, it's best to make use of the shotgun and grenade launcher for the majority of the fight.

Complete the Sashimi Challenge

Challenge Requirements
★Sashimi Reward: 25000 CP
Defeat mutated Moreau in under one minute.

Successfully defeating Salvatore Moreau in under 1 minute rewards you with Completion Points (CP). You can then use Completion Points to buy bonuses from the Extra Contents Shop.

List of Challenges

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