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Winter's Expansion DLC: Release Date and Contents

Resident Evil 8 - Winter
Resident Evil Village has announced a new DLC entitled Winter's Expansion that will contain an additional storyline, characters, and a new playing mode! Read on to find out when this DLC will be released, what its contents will be and more!

Winter's Expansion DLC Release Date

DLC is scheduled for release on October 28th!

Resident Evil Village - Winter

In a Capcom Showcase streamed on June 14, 2022, Tsuyoshi Kanda revealed an upcoming DLC for Resident Evil Village, entitled "Winter's Expansion" to be released on October 28th, 2022!

DLC Bundled Version releases the same day

The Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, a bundled version of the main game and the Winter's Expansion DLC, will also be released on the same day for fans who have not yet purchased the game!

Editions Guide: What Comes With the Gold Edition?

DLC Details

Contents of the "Winter's Expansion" DLC
Resident Evil 8 DLC details.jpg Shadows of Rose - A new story!

Resident Evil 8 DLC details.jpg Third Person Mode - A new gameplay perspective!

Resident Evil 8 DLC details.jpg Additional Mercenaries Orders - New playable characters and more!

Shadows of Rose storyline

Resident Evil 8 Shadows of Rose

The ending of Resident Evil Village left us with questions as the camera introduces us to a 16-year old Rose visiting her father's grave. In this DLC Expansion, we get to pickup right where we left off 16 years after the events of Village where we get to play as a teenage Rose Winters and what happened to her after getting picked up at her father's grave.

Third Person Mode

Resident Evil 8 - Third Person Mode.jpg

Fans of the Resident Evil franchise will now get to experience Village in the third person perspective, similar to the classic POV used in the earlier games. Granted that this has been a popular mod for the gaming community, it's now part of the official game experience.

Additional Mercernaries Orders

Resident Evil Village - Mercenaries Orders.png

A new mode of play for Mercenaries was also announced, your challenge is to defeat as many enemies as possible within the time limit. New characters as well as abilities have also been included as part of these additional orders.

New Playable Characters

Chris Redfield.pngChris Redfield Lady Dimitrescu.pngLady Dimitrescu Heisenberg.pngKarl Heisenberg

Past Resident Evil Village DLCs

Trauma Pack DLC

Trauma Pack DLC Content - Everything Included (Resident Evil Village).png
Despite the lack of announcements, fans who pre-ordered the game are given a DLC that launched alongside the game: The Trauma Pack DLC. To learn more about it, its contents and how to get it, check out our guide below.

Trauma Pack DLC Content: Everything Included

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