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How to Beat the Dimitrescu Daughters: Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra

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This is a guide on how to beat the Dimitrescu Daughters, three bosses in Resident Evil Village. This page will explain the daughter's attack patterns, weaknesses, and include tips and tricks on how you can defeat them!

Dimitrescu Daughters Basic Information


Daughters Icon.png
Drops Crystal Torso
Weaknesses Sunlight
Cold Air
Head Shots

Bela Boss Fight Tips

Boss Fight Tips
Shoot out the windows to make her vulnerable.
Aim for headshots to make her stumble.
Ammo can be picked up in the room if you're low on bullets.
You can use your shotgun to disrupt her attacks.


Dimitrescu Daughters - Daniela Icon.png
Drops Crystal Torso
Weaknesses Sunlight
Cold Air
Head Shots

Daniela Boss Fight Tips

Boss Fight Tips
Run to the lever that opens the sunroof as soon as you enter the library.
Ammo pickups are scattered around the bookshelves and breakable vases.
She runs and hides behind bookshelves when the sunroof is open.
Avoid coming close to her, even when the sunroof is open. Shoot from afar.


Cassandra Icon.png
Drops Crystal Torso
Weaknesses Sunlight
Cold Air
Head Shots

Cassandra Boss Fight Tips

Boss Fight Tips
Avoid the obstacles in the room which make running away difficult.
Destroy the breakable wall hidden behind a movable shelf.
You can use the Pipe Bombs on the table in the far corner.
Keep your distance.

Dimitrescu Daughters Character Profiles

Dimitrescu Daughters Locations

Bela (First Daughter) Location

Map Image World View

Just after your first encounter with Moroaicas, Bela will chase you through the dungeons, where you'll be forced to fight her inside of a small room.

Daniela (Second Daughter) Location

Map Image World View

After managing to get the Iron Insignia Key from the piano puzzle, Lady Dimitrescu will chase you around the Opera Hall. Use it on the locked door on the second floor that leads into the library, where you'll encounter Daniela.

Cassandra (Third Daughter) Location

Map Image World View

Once you have managed to get inside of the Hall of Pleasure, taking the mask off of the statue will lock you inside, forcing you to go to The Armory to confront Cassandra.

Attack Patterns

Bela (First Daughter)

Dimitrescu Daughters - First Daughter Attack.png
As the very first "Boss" encounter you'll have, Bela doesn't do much in the way of harming you. Her primary means of causing damage would be to stumble slowly towards Ethan with her sickle at the ready – she strikes with this once close enough.

Daniela (Second Daughter)

Dimitrescu Daughters - Daniela Attack.png
Daniela uses the sisters' powers of being able to become a mass of flies far more often than the fight with Bela. These flies tend to obscure your field of vision, particularly when Ethan raises his hands up in front of him. She will either quickly disappear and reappear – like short teleportation – to get close to you for a strike, or simply float her way towards you.

Cassandra (Third Daughter)

Cassandra - Attack.png

Cassandra possesses an advantage in this fight when it begins. She uses her skills as much as Daniela does, with the added difficulty of being in a small and cramped room. Much like Daniela, she will use her powers to stalk towards you to get in for a hit.

How to Beat the Dimitrescu Daughters

Bela (First Daughter)

Avoid Obstacles

Dimitrescu Daughters - Surroundings.png
The room you fight the Bela in is very cramped and tight, with not much room to maneuver. Be careful when trying to back away from her, and try not to run past her when she's close, as she will still manage to hit you.

Blow Out the Windows

Dimitrescu Daughters - Windows.png

The Daughters of Dimitrescu all share a weakness to sunlight and cold weather, as it disrupts their ability to turn into insects. Blow out the windows in the room to prevent her from turning incorporeal, and shoot at her when she stumbles. She will freeze up eventually, allowing you to score the skill with one last shot.

Daniela (Second Daughter)

Distance Yourself

Dimitrescu Sisters - Distance.png
Distance plays a key role in this fight. Due to her using her abilities, she can quickly gain ground on you. Turn your back to her and run around in the circular room you're in, collecting ammo if you need them.

Once you have opened up the sunroof, shoot at her from safety.

Keep Close to the Sun Roof Lever

Dimitrescu Daughters - Lever.png
You will find a lever embedded into one of the pillars at the center of the room. Use this to let in a gust of cold air to make Daniela vulnerable. She will try to avoid you then, running behind bookshelves to protect herself. As soon as you hear the mechanism of the lever start to slowly clink, run back to it and wait for it to be usable again.

Cassandra (Third Daughter)

Shoot From a Distance

Dimitrescu Daughters - Shoot From Afar.png
Similar to the fight against Daniela, it is essential that you keep your distance from Cassandra, as she can easily swipe at you or distract you with her flies if you're close enough. The area around you is tight but does possess plenty of obstacles for you to use to slow her down in her chase.

Destroy the Broken Wall

Dimitrescu Daughters - Blow Wall.png
You will notice a section of the wall where you can push a cabinet aside. It will reveal a broken wall, with sunlight peeking through. As soon as Cassandra shows up, run to the corner of the room where you'll find some bombs. Use these to break the wall, and shoot at Cassandra then to finish the fight.

Recommended Weapons

LEMI - Resident Evil Village.pngLEMI M1897 - Resident Evil Village.pngM1897

The LEMI and the M1897 are the standard weapons you'll be able to have by the time you reach the daughters, and both can be found when you first arrive at the village. Both weapons offer significant damage against these three early bosses but are only really effective once you exploit their weakness.

Use the LEMI if you wish to save up on the bullets for the M1897, but ensure that all shots make it to the Daughter's heads to reduce the number of bullets you'd need.

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