Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

How to Download and Play RE:Verse | How to Make a Capcom ID

This guide will show you all the steps on how to download and play Resident Evil RE:Verse. Everything from making a Capcom ID, downloading the beta, as well as how to download the game on each console will be explained here.

How to Download and Play RE:Verse

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Resident Evil RE:Verse will come out as a bundle for the Resident Evil Village (RE8) on May 7, 2021. You can play it before the official release by participating in the Open Beta version of the game. The Open Beta version of the game is available from April 8, 2021 (6:00 am GMT) ~ April 11, 2021 (6:00 am GMT). Take note that you'll have to create and link a Capcom ID before you can start the game.

You can download and pre-order RE:Verse through official sources such as Steam, Stadia (unavailable for beta version), Microsoft or Xbox Store, and Playstation Store.

How to Create and Link Capcom ID

Visit Capcom Website Get on the Capcom website and click on the Log-in/Sign-up button.
Select Residence Select your residence and click on the Yes button
Email & Password Enter your email and desired password on the text field. Press Provisional Registration after that.
Verify Email Get into your email account and click the link on it.
User Infromation After clicking the link, go to the user information screen and enter your personal information. Accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and click confirm, and that should complete the registration.
Linking External Platforms Click on the Capcom ID Information and select the platform you want to play the RE:Verse. Press on the Link button on the side and complete the log-in for the external platform. Enjoy and start playing the game!

RE:Verse Beta Download

PC Steam
Xbox Microsoft or Xbox Store
PS4, PS5 Playstation Store

RE:Verse Pre-order

PC Steam
Xbox Microsoft or Xbox Store
PS4, PS5 Playstation Store

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