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Beginner's Guide

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This is Game8's Beginner Guide for Resident Evil Village. Keep reading to find out how to get started and other helpful hints as you search the village for Rose!

Tips for Getting Started

Messing With the Settings


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Double Check Before Playing

Before you begin the game, make sure you've chosen the right difficulty and set the brightness to an appropriate level for you. Depending on your set difficulty, the amount of damage you take from enemies is different. You can only change it at the beginning of a playthrough.

Tips for Playing


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Stay Calm!

While this is a horror game, when you come into contact with enemies try to keep your cool so you don't waste ammo. Keep as much distance from your opponent as you can, and shoot at their heads for the best results.

Things to Do Before Playing

Choose Your Difficulty


In Resident Evil Village, the first choice you will make when starting a new game is your difficulty, of which there are 3 to begin with: Casual, Standard, and Hardcore. Compared to Standard, Casual difficulty has weaker enemies, so those who aren't used to action games may want to stick to a lower difficulty.

Difficulty Differences | How to Change the Difficulty

Adjust the Brightness

Once you've chosen your difficulty, you will be asked to adjust the brightness. Making your overall brightness slightly higher can help a lot when exploring darker areas where it can be difficult to see. However, raising your brightness too high can also ruin the atmosphere of the game as part of the scariness is related to being unable to see everything in the first place. Ultimately this all comes down to your personal preference and can be adjusted from the settings at any time.

Check the Controls

You can also change the control scheme in Resident Evil Village. One of the settings many will change is the camera settings, especially those who experience dizziness when playing first-person shooters. If you feel yourself getting any sort of dizziness or motion sickness, check out the camera settings. Turn down the sensitivity, or turn Camera Wobble off.

There are 4 overall control schemes that change the layout of the buttons so take a look to see which is right for you.

Controls and Camera Settings Guide

Things to Remember While Playing

Break Objects

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As you explore the various locations of Resident Evil Village, you will come across boxes and pots that you can break with your knife or guns. Inside these are money, ammo, or other items, so be sure to crack them open when you come across them.

Learn the Map

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If you look at the map, you'll notice that locations are either red or blue. If a building or location is red, then that means there are still items left to find, while blue means you've found everything and fully explored that area.

If you find yourself low on ammo or items, head to a red area and search for anything you've missed.

Use Lockpicks on Locked Drawers

Resident Evil Village_20210519152030.jpg

Some areas will have locked drawers holding the items you didn't find your first time through. In this case, you will need a Lockpick from another area to open the drawer and receive the items.
Lockpick Item Guide

Aim for the Head

Aim for the head.jpeg

When you enter combat with Lycans or other creatures, you'll want to go for headshots as much as possible. However, some enemies have different weak points (like Soldat's reactors) or other means to protect their heads. In this case, aim for a different part of their body to open up their weak points for damage.

List of All Enemies and Monsters

Make use of Guarding

When enemies get close to you, instead of continuing to shoot at them you should try guarding. You'll be able to decrease the overall damage you take in the chance you can't kill the enemy first which will also help to conserve your recovery items.

You can also push enemies away after guarding, allowing you to create more distance between yourselves. This can cause enemies to flinch, giving you a chance to aim for their heads.

Upgrade Your Weapons

The Duke

As you proceed through the story, you will also want to upgrade your weapons. This can be done at the Duke's Emporium and include upgrades like damage, reload speed, or ammo capacity. The more you upgrade your weapons, the easier it will be to tear through the various enemies that assault you. Also, the more damage your guns deal, the less overall ammo you will use, so if you have the Lei lying around you should upgrade your weapons as much as you can.

The Duke's Emporium: Shop Guide

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