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Ada Wong Character Overview and Abilities

This guide covers all of Ada Wong's basic info in Resident Evil RE:Verse including starting equipment, passive skills, active skills, and how to play.

Ada Wong Basic Information

Ada WongAda Wong
Born 1974
Voice Actor Jolene Andersen
First Appearance Resident Evil 2
Survivability ★★☆☆☆
Weapon Power ★★★☆☆
Skill Power ★★★☆☆
Transformed Survivability ★★★☆☆
Transformed Power ★★★☆☆

Ada Wong Character Overview

Ada Wong is a spy who's true motivations have remained unclear throughout the series. She first appeared in Resident Evil 2 and encountered Leon Kennedy during the Raccoon City incident. Although she has fought alongside the main protagonists, it's not always certain which side she's truly on.

Ada Wong Passive and Active Abilities

Skills and Abilities

Ada WongPassive Skill:
A Spy's Wisdom
Automatically recover a small amount of stamina when HP reaches critical levels.
Ada WongActive Skill 1:
Pipe Bomb Arrow
Grappling hook into the air and fire a single arrow with a pipe bomb attached to it in the direction of your reticle. The arrow explodes on impact and deals significant damage to enemies near the impact point.
Ada WongActive Skill 2:
Do a backwards somersault kick that deals damage to enemies a very short distance away from you. If this attack hits a human, they will be knocked down.

Starting Weapons for Ada Wong

Standard Weapon Broom HcBroom Hc
Personal Weapon CrossbowCrossbow

How to Play Ada Wong

Ada's passive skill automatically recovers a small amount of stamina when reaching critical HP. This can come in handy as a last second dodge could be the difference between life and death. Ada's Pipe Bomb Arrow skill is quite useful for landing kills. For melee range enemies, using the Somersault-kick will deal decent damage, and knocks down human targets. Use these skills to be a threat both up close and at far distances.

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