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Varcolac Enemy Guide | How to Kill Varcolac

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Here is the enemy guide for Varcolac, a type of monster found in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). Be sure to check here for everything you need to know about Varcolac including where it can be found, its weaknesses, and what items it may drop!

Varcolac Overview and Weaknesses

Varcolac Icon.png
Location The Village
Moreau's Reservoir
Moreau's Laboratory
Weaknesses Shotgun Blasts
Magnum Shots
Drops Crystal Beast

A vicious creature more in line with traditional perceptions of how Werewolves should be when compared to the Lycans, a Varcolac is a vicious beast that prowls The Village in search of prey.

How to Kill Varcolac

Stay Inside

Varcolac - Stay Inside.png
Upon your first encounter with Varcolac, a short cutscene will see Ethan go inside of a house. Keep this tactic in mind, as Varcolac will try to swipe at you through the door frame and windows of whatever house you're in. This allows you to shoot at him with your own weapons, virtually safe and free from harm.

Set Up a Trap

Varcolac - Set Up a Trap.png
By using houses as your safety net, you simply need to find a house or any other building that offers you some room to maneuver in. From there, shoot at it once and run back into your chosen house. It will try to swipe at you through doors or window panes, so don't get too close. You can sink a good number of your shots into it before it runs away.

Use Explosives

Varcolac - Use Explosives.png
To quicken the process of killing the creature, you can plant a mine by the door or the window it will use to try and swipe at you. Attract it to you once again by shooting and running inside. Let it try to squeeze through wherever you planted your mines, triggering it and causing it great damage.

Use Magnum Bullets

Once you've acquired the M1851 Wolfsbane, the Varcolac near Moreau's Laboratory is the first Varcolac you can try this on. One or two shots right between the eyes, ought to do the trick.

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