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Castle Dimitrescu Part 1 Walkthrough and Maps

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Here is the complete walkthrough for the first part of Castle Dimitrescu, an area located in Resident Evil Village. Game8 has you covered for everything you need to know about Castle Dimitrescu, including a guide on how to survive, weapon and item locations, treasure locations, enemies found in the area, and more!

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Castle Dimitrescu Part 1 Walkthrough

1 Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Elevator Room
Once inside, go to the elevator room to your right. Aim your gun at towards the pillar, and shoot down the Crystal Fragment. Go back to the entrance hall, and to the door on your left. Head down the stairs through another door into the Hall of the Four.
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Interact with the door to your left to trigger a scene, then interact with your hands to get down.
3 Pick up the Crimson Glass from the desk, then head out through the doors.
4 Resident Evil Village_20210507050802.jpg
Open the gates covering the fireplace and crawl through the gap. Get the Maroon Eye Ring off the door to open it. Examine the Maroon Eye Ring to receive the Maroon Eye for later.
5 In the next room, break the glass on the shelf near the door to get a Crystal Fragment.
6 Go through the door to return to the Hall of the Four. Go up the stairs into the Main Hall, then up the next flight of stairs.
7 Maroon Key.png
Take a right and go down the hall until you reach a door. Examine it and use the Maroon Eye to open it.
8 You will be attacked by one of Lady Dimitrescu's daughters. Go through the door and run down the hall to safety. Tear off the wood blocking your way and drop down the hole into the basement.
9 Resident Evil Village_20210507052510.jpg
Crawl through the hole at the end of the path, pick up the Handgun Ammo in the Tasting Room then go down the stairs. The stairs will lead to a room with a lit brazier. Walk into it from the side to light the other two braziers and open your way forward.
10 Go past the first two sets of cells and follow the path through the third into an open area. Continue into the Chamber of Solace.
11 Resident Evil Village_20210507053400.jpg
As you enter the next area, Moroaica will attack you. Get your weapon ready. Go to the end of the Chamber of Solace and up the stairs to encounter Bela again.
12 Bela Dimitrescu.jpeg
Keep running away and remove the wood blocking your path to trigger a scene. Shoot out the other window to weaken her, then take her out.
13 Pick up the Crystal Torso she drops and leave through the opened door. Pick up the Sanguis Virginis and exit the cellar back to the Main Hall.
14 Resident Evil Village_20210507054543.jpg
Go upstairs and into the Wine Room where you can place the Sanguis Virginis to open a secret door.
15 Open the red chest to receive the Courtyard Key, then return to the room you just came out of.
16 Resident Evil Village_20210507055148.jpg
Use the Courtyard Key to open the door and exit into the Courtyard to finish this section.

Grab the Handgun Attachment

Handgun Attachment.png

After the boss fight with Bela be sure to grab the LEMI - Recoil Compensator from the Kitchen.

LEMI - Recoil Compensator Item Guide

Castle Dimitrescu Part 1 Maps and Item Locations

Castle Dimitrescu Part 1 Maps and Treasure Locations


Castle 1F

Castle 2F

Castle B1 South

Castle B1 North

Map Key

Blue Key Item
Green Valuable
Purple Weapon/Attachment
Red Items
Breakable Icon.png Breakable
Goat.png Goat

List of Items

Key Items
Maroon Eye Ring Icon.pngMaroon Eye Ring Sanguis Virginis Icon.pngSanguis Virginis
Maroon Eye Icon.pngMaroon Eye Courtyard Key Icon.pngCourtyard Key
Treasure and Valuables
Crystal Fragment Icon.pngCrystal Fragment Crimson Glass.pngCrimson Glass
Crimson Skull.pngCrimson Skull Wooden Angel Statue Icon.pngWooden Angel Statue
Crystal Skull Icon.pngCrystal Skull Crystal Torso Icon.pngCrystal Torso
Weapons & Attachments
LEMI - Recoil Compensator Icon.pngLemi - Recoil Compensator
Crafting Materials
Rusted Scrap Icon.pngRusted Scrap
Gunpowder Icon.pngGunpowder
Herb Icon.pngHerb
Chem Fluid Icon.pngChem Fluid
Metal Scrap Icon.pngMetal Scrap
Handgun Ammo Icon.pngHandgun Ammo Shotgun Ammo Icon.pngShotgun Ammo

Castle Dimitrescu Part 1 Treasures

Crimson Glass

Resident Evil Village Crimson Glass.png

The Crimson Glass is on a desk in the room you're trapped in by Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters.

Crimson Glass Item Guide

Crystal Torso

Resident Evil Village Crystal Torso.png

Pick this up off of Bela once you defeat her to sell to the Duke.

Crystal Torso Item Guide

Castle Dimitrescu Part 1 Goats of Warding

Goat 5

World View Map View

The fifth Goat of Warding is underground. As you go down the hidden staircase in the Hall of Ablution, turn right.

All Goats of Warding Locations

Castle Dimitrescu Part 1 Files and Locations

Guest Book

World View Map View

This note contains information about the guests staying at Castle Dimitrescu. This file is in the Entrance Hall of Castle Dimitrescu.

The Labyrinths

World View Map View

This note contains information about Norshteyn's Labyrinth. This file is in the Merchant's Room in Castle Dimitrescu.

Winemaking History

World View Map View

This note contains information about the winemaking history of Castle Dimitrescu. This file is in the wine room of Castle Dimitrescu.

Maid's Diary

World View Map View

A diary entry of one of the past maids of Castle Dimitrescu; this file is on a shelf in the basement going to the Distillery Room.

Treatment Candidates

World View Map View

This note is an entry of the experiments done on presumably previous staff members in Castle Dimitrescu. This file is in the Chamber of Solace.

Observation Report

World View Map View

This note contains observations regarding four women for reasons unknown. This file is in the Chamber of Solace.

A Cook's Diary

World View Map View

This diary entry depicts the horrible fate that befalls those who commit misdeeds in Castle Dimitrescu. This file is in one of the cupboards in the Kitchen.

All File Locations

Enemies Encountered in Castle Dimitrescu Part 1

Regular Enemies

Ghouls Icon.png

Bela Dimitrescu

Bela Dimitrescu.jpeg

Bela will attack you as you exit the Chamber of Solace. Run through the open doors in the next area and up the stairs, tearing down the planks for the real fight to begin. Immediately shoot or swing your knife at the second window to break it, making Bela vulnerable to damage. Fire off some shots from any of your current weapons and she should go down quickly.

How to Beat the Dimitrescu Daughters

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