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This is a guide on the Bioweapon Hunter Gamma in the multiplayer game Resident Evil RE:Verse. Read on to learn their stats, skills, how to use them, and how many virus capsules is required to spawn as them!

Hunter Gamma Basic Info

Hunter Gamma
RE Hunter Gamma Image
Virus Capsules Required
Virus Capsule Required.jpg
Health ★★★☆☆
Speed ★★★☆☆
Power ★★☆☆☆
Range ★★★☆☆

Hunter Gamma's Skills

Skill 1

Devour Image Open your jaws wide and engulf an enemy standing directly in front of you. Killing humans with this skill will perform a special finisher animation.

Skill 2

Acid Spray
Acid Spray Image Spew a globule of stomach acid a medium distance in front of you dealing damage to enemies hit by it. The globule will splash upon impact, dealing a small amount of damage in the surrounding area.

How to Use Hunter Gamma

Hunter Gamma is very effective against human targets, but not so much against higher level Bioweapons. Using Acid Spray does decently against both human targets and Bioweapons, but Devour works best against human targets. Since Hunter Gamma's is pretty fast, you can easily chase down human targets to score kills.

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