Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

How to Access the Maestro's Collection Treasure

Resident Evil Village - How to Get Maestro
This is a guide to accessing the Maestro's Collection, a piece of Treasure in the game Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). To know more information about accessing the Maestro's Collection, enemies you might face along the way, and other loot, read on!

Maestro's Collection Overview

Basic Info and Location

World View Map View

The Maestro's Collection is locked away in one of the houses in the Village. This Treasure is only accessible after you defeat House Beneviento.

How to Access the Maestro's Collection

Get Luthier's Key

Get Luthier's Key in one of the houses as you leave House Beneviento.

Go back to Luthier's House

Start from the Maiden of War

Go back to the Village and go to the location of the Treasure on the map. Use the Maiden of War as your starting point.

Pass by the Gated Fence

Go through the gates facing the right side of the Maiden of War. Go through the gated fence and make a right turn. Go straight towards the shed and through the hole in the wall.

Crawl Under the Tractor

Go under the lifted tractor. Turn right and walk until you see the goat heads. Take a left turn and then walk straight. The locked gate should be on your left.

Break the Locks

Use your knife to break open the locked gate and head up the house.

Open Luthier's House

Use Luthier's Key to open the locked door. Inside you will find a drawing with the numbers 27-09-17. Use this code to unlock the cabinet where the Treasure is hidden.

Get the Treasure

Resident Evil Village - Maestro
Pick up the Steel Hraesvelgr. Examine the cabinet to find the F2 Rifle - High Capacity Mag.

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