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Soldat Jet Enemy Guide | How to Kill Soldat Jets

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Here is the enemy guide for Soldat Jets, a type of monster found in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). Be sure to check here for everything you need to know about Soldat Jets including where they can be found, their weaknesses, and what items they may drop!

Soldat Jet Overview and Weaknesses

Soldat Jet
Location Heisenberg's Factory
Weaknesses Explosive
Red Chest Piece
Drops Large Crystal Mechanical Heart

A variant of the Soldat, Soldat Jets can just about chase you anywhere that you can run to when they're out on the prowl for you. Armed with two drills, it's extremely uncommon to make your past these foes without a fight.

How to Kill Soldat Jets

Use Explosive Rounds

Using Explosive Rounds or Pipe Bombs can stagger a Soldat Jet long enough to give ample time to find a better angle to shoot its chest piece.

Target its Chest Piece

Soldat Jet - Target its Chest Piece.png
Apart from using explosives against them, the only real way to vanquish Soldat Jets is to target its glowing red chest piece. Knocking a successful hit against them is difficult however, as they keep their arms over it for protection. You need to be a little daring and wait for them to prepare for an attack, at which point you can shoot at their exposed chests.

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