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How to Beat Heisenberg | Boss Fight Guide

Resident Evil Village How to Beat Heisenberg
This is a guide on how to beat Karl Heisenberg, a boss in Resident Evil Village. In this Heisenberg Boss Fight guide, read on to find out his attack patterns, weaknesses, and include tips and tricks on how you can defeat him!

Karl Heisenberg Basic Information

Heisenberg Icon.png
Drops Crystal Heisenberg
Weaknesses Explosives

Karl Heisenberg Character Profile

Karl Heisenberg Boss Fight Tips

Boss Fight Guide
Shoot at its weakpoints on the arm joints.
Use the tank's cannon to make it stumble.
On foot, run far away.
On foot, use your Sniper Rifle to target its face.
Ammo pickups are available all around the field.

Karl Heisenberg Location

Map Image World View

After grabbing Heisenberg's Key and defeating Sturm inside of Heisenberg's Factory, you'll notice that item pick-ups become much more frequent. Grab as much material as you can, and watch two cutscenes unfold. You will be given a tank to ride – use this to ride up the elevator and meet Heisenberg.

Attack Patterns

Heisenberg - Attack Patterns.png
As a being who can control metals, Heisenberg is a dangerous foe. Although powerful, he chooses instead to take on an unnatural form – a union of flesh and blood – where he uses spinning blades to assault you. He will come in close for the kill, or should you dish out enough damage, shield himself with metal plates to guard against your attacks.

How to Beat Karl Heisenberg

Phase 1: Tank Battle

Hit His Weak Points

Heisenberg - Hit His Weak Points.png
The first phase of your fight with Heisenberg occurs on the back of the tank Chris fixes up for you. There are two fire modes for this tank: a Machine Gun and a Cannon. Target Heisenberg's weak spots, highlighted in red. It is recommended that you go after its "arms" until they're sheared off, weakening him.

Blast His Face

Heisenberg - Blast His Face.png
Dealing Heisenberg enough damage will cause it to use metal plates to shield itself. If you do not interrupt him while doing this, he will send these plates crashing back down to Earth. Shoot your tank's cannon into his face in these situations.

Unload Your Machine Gun

Heisenberg - Unload Your Machine Gun.png
Keep peppering Heisenberg with both Machine Gun and Cannon. These weapons do not run out of ammunition, which keeps you in the fight until you can sheave off its arms.

Phase 2: On Foot

Get Some Distance

Heisenberg - Get Some Distance.png
When your tank is destroyed, it is best to move away from your enemy. Run away as far as you can and listen closely to Heisenberg. When he attacks, and misses, turn around and unload your shotgun into his face. If you still have rounds for your Grenade Launcher, now is the time to use them.

Target His Face

Heisenberg - Target His Face.png
Heisenberg's only real weakness now is that its face is partially exposed. Target this as much as possible when you shoot. There will come an instance where a third arm will be built atop his body – you may shoot the weak spot at the very bottom of this extra appendage, which floats just above Heisenberg.

Use Your Rifle

Heisenberg - Rifle.png
Safe shooting – at a distance! Load up your rifle and run away as far as possible from Heisenberg. As soon as you get enough clearance, turn back and start shooting at its face, which is exposed. It only takes a few shots to end this fight, which conserves some of your other weapons' ammo for later on.

Recommended Weapons

F2 Rifle - Resident Evil Village.pngF2 Rifle V61 Custom - Resident Evil Village.pngV61 Custom
M1851 Wolfsbane - Resident Evil Village.pngM1851 Wolfsbane GM 79 - Resident Evil Village.pngGM 79

Once you're on foot again, use your grenade launcher to hammer Heisenberg with explosive rounds. Although they don't appear to do much, they go a long way in ensuring that you come out of this engagement in victory – they also sometimes disrupt his attempts to attack you with his blades. You can also use the Wolfsbane Magnum to fire into his face. It will only take a few shots if you have the ammo.

You can't plant mines in this fight, but you can still use Pipe Bombs if you have them. Finally, focus all your shots into its face to ensure you win.

Complete the Blitzkrieg Challenge

Challenge Requirements
★Blitzkrieg Reward: 15000 CP
Defeat mutated Heisenberg in under four minutes.

Successfully defeating Heisenberg in under 4 minutes rewards you with Completion Points (CP). You can then use Completion Points to buy bonuses from the Extra Contents Shop.

List of Challenges

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