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Soldat Panzer Enemy Guide | How to Kill Soldat Panzers

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Here is the enemy guide for Soldat Panzers, a type of monster found in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). Be sure to check here for everything you need to know about Soldat Panzers including where they can be found, their weaknesses, and what items they may drop!

Soldat Panzer Overview and Weaknesses

Soldat Panzer
Location Heisenberg's Factory
Weaknesses Explosives
Magnum Shots
Drops Perfect Crystal Mechanical Heart

Soldat Panzers are extremely strong and resilient variants of regular Soldats. Armored from head to toe in heavy slabs of metal, they are invulnerable to most attacks.

How to Kill Soldat Panzers

Use Explosives

Soldat Panzer Explosives.png

Soldat Panzers are invulnerable to most light-arms fire, so simply shooting at them will not get the job done. These creatures will follow you wherever you may go unless you're back to where The Duke is.

With this in mind, lure them into an area of your choosing, but set up traps with mines or throw in some pipe bombs. This will get rid of their armor. An alternative you can use is Explosive Rounds.

Shoot at its Exposed Chest

Soldat Panzer Shoot Red.png

Once the armor of a Panzer has been removed via explosives, you simply must shoot at the Red Chest Piece it has, similar to how you'd take care of regular Soldats.

Complete the Strip Miner Challenge

Challenge Requirements
★Strip Miner Reward: Under investigation.
Remove all the armor from a Soldat Panzer in the story.

List of Challenges

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