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Nemesis Overview and Abilities

This is a guide on the Bioweapon Nemesis in the multiplayer game Resident Evil RE:Verse. Read on to learn their stats, skills, how to use them, and how many virus capsules is required to spawn as them!

Nemesis Basic Info

RE Nemesis Image
Virus Capsules Required
Virus Capsule Required.jpg Virus Capsule Required.jpg
Health ★★★★☆
Speed ★★☆☆☆
Power ★★★★☆
Range ★★★★☆

Nemesis's Skills

Skill 1

Pursuing Tentacles
Pursuing Tentacles Image Strike the ground beneath your feet and thrust tentacles out into the area immediately around you. Then snake a tentacle around the feet of opponents at medium range, following up with a ranged attack. Killing humans with the initial area-based attack will perform a special finisher animation.

Skill 2

Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher Image Fire a powerful rocket at a distant opponent. Hold R1/E to ready your rocket launcher. You can freely aim the targetting reticle while the rocket launcher is readied, and then release R1/E to fire the rocket once you've lined up your shot.

How to Use Nemesis

Nemesis is extremely powerful. His stats are good to decent all around, with speed being the lowest. However, what Nemesis lacks in speed, he makes up for with both range and power. His Rocket Launcher is, as expected, practically a guaranteed kill on hit. Pursuing Tentacles is also useful for dealing with close to mid range enemies. The only real drawback is that Nemesis requires 2 capsules, but capsules aren't that rare, so even that is a small price to pay.

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