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Heisenberg's Factory Walkthrough and Maps

Here is the complete walkthrough for Heisenberg's Factory, an area located in Resident Evil Village. Game8 has you covered for everything you need to know about Heisenberg's Factory, including a guide on how to survive, weapon and item locations, treasure locations, enemies found in the area, and more!

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The Stronghold Heisenberg's Factory Finale

Heisenberg's Factory Walkthrough

When you exit the Stronghold you will be near the Church. Head to the Altar and place the final flask to receive the Giant's Chalice. Head back to the Lone Road and place the Giant's Chalice on the Stone Dais to be taken down below the Ceremony Site. Entering the Factory is a point of no return, so make sure you've taken care of everything before continuing.
2 Resident Evil Village_20210510194017.jpg
Cross the bridge and enter the Factory through the garage doors. Go through the door in the back and examine the cloth to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, sprint down the hall away from Sturm, going up the stairs and through the openings. When you reach a dead-end, turn right and slide down the chute to be taken to floor B4.
3 Follow the path up, and some Haulers will attack you. Take them out to move on, going through the grate at the end of the room. Climb up the ladder when you exit the vent and you'll find the Duke on an elevator. Go through the large door and shoot the locks to let in some Haulers.
4 Resident Evil Village_20210508134606.jpg
Go through the door and into the room with the lift. Then go through the door the Haulers came from to enter the Foundry. Go up the small flight of stairs into the next area through the open door. The next room will have a large chest with the Relief Mold. After picking it up, the previously inactive Soldat Eins will come to life. Keep some distance from its drill and shoot it in the chest to destroy its reactor to kill it quickly.
5 Resident Evil Village_20210508134807.jpg
Return to the Foundry and insert the Relief Mold into the slot to create the Relief of a Horse. Take it and insert it into the wall to the right of the casting machine to unlock a hidden passage. Go down the path towards Heisenberg's Quarters but take the ladder down as we don't have the key yet. Enter the Engine Room and shoot the red orbs to stop the machinery. If you want to conserve ammo, you can time them and use the gears to hit the Haulers.
6 When you reach the end, climb up the ladder and crawl through the grate. Head down the hallway to unlock the door leading back to the Foundry. In the next room is the Backup Generator that is missing a cog. Go up the stairs at the end of the room to another locked door. Shoot the top and bottom orbs to open it and go inside to find a Factory Map (Lower Levels) and a large chest with a Cog Mold.
7 Take the Cog Mold back to the Foundry, and another Soldat Eins will attack you. Create the Large Cog once you take care of the Soldat and insert it into the Backup Generator to turn on the power. The path you took will be blocked off with a new one opened up to its left. Get rid of the Soldats that attack you and keep moving. Go up the stairs and get rid of another Soldat, then unlock the door.

In the next room, kill the 3 Haulers. Go to the back where there is a small room. Shoot the inactive Soldat in the room, and it will break through the gate. Once it breaks the gate for you, kill it and pick up the 12000 Lei and some Magnum Ammo. Go upstairs to encounter a Soldat Zwei with two drill arms and a reactor on its back. Run around the other side to shoot at its back to take it down. Unlock the next door to return to the lift controls. With the electricity back on, return to the door to the Operating Room that needed power past the Foundry, left of the casting machine. Kill the Soldat that attacks, listen to the recording, pick up the M1851 Wolfsbane - Long Barrel, then go back to the room with the lowered platform.
9 Activate the controls to raise the platform and cross to the other side, then proceed to the next room to fight another Soldat Zwei. Unlock the door, and Sturm will come after you again. Run down the hall and through the door to escape, then pull the lever to bring the Duke's elevator to B3.
10 Resident Evil Village_20210508143857.jpg
Take the nearby ladder and go up to MB3. Follow the path to some Moroaicas near a drill. Go through the small opening at the end of the cave.
11 Resident Evil Village_20210508144959.jpg
Drop down and turn around to find another breakable wall with some valuable crystals behind it. Turn back around and enter the Grinder Shaft. Go upstairs, and two Soldat Jets will attack you. Take them out the same way you did the others by shooting the reactor on their chest. To stop the grinder, shoot the three orbs surrounding it and one below it, just like the doors. Once it's stopped, climb up the ladder into the Giant Grinder.
12 Resident Evil Village_20210508145633.jpg
Go through the next door and up the stairs into a room with the Factory Map (Upper Levels). Push the cart out of the way to reveal a hole that can be crawled through into another room with a large chest containing the Ball Mold. Head upstairs into the Ventilation Duct. You will immediately be sucked in, so quickly shoot the orb on the fan to prevent yourself from getting torn to pieces.
13 Pass through where the fan was, and make your way down and around the shaft to the ladder. Climb it and open the small door at the top, then take the elevator up to B1. The next room will have a large chest with the Key Mold. Leave the room, climb the ladder, and pull the lever to bring the Duke's elevator up. Now that we have two molds, it's time to go back down to the Foundry on B4. The lights will be out again, and some Soldats will be roaming around. Be careful.
14 Back in the Foundry, use the Ball and Key Molds to create the Iron Horse Ball and Heisenberg's Key. When you return to the elevator, a Soldat Panzercompletely covered in armor will attack you. To expose its reactor, hit it with an Explosive Round or use a magnum to destroy its armor, then shoot its reactor to take it down.
15 Take the elevator back to B1 and unlock the door with Heisenberg's Key.
16 Sturm will charge at you and break through walls, so use this to your advantage. When Sturm gets stuck, run around to his other side and fire off some shots into his jet turbine. Your magnum will deal the most damage here, so rinse and repeat until it explodes and leaves you a Complex Mechanical Heart. Follow the path and exit out into the Cargo Bay.
17 Resident Evil Village_20210508160217.jpg
Drop down into the Cargo Bay, then go up the ladder and down to the end of the lift. You will be taken back to the entrance, attempt to go outside. After the scene, pull off the nearby grate and crawl through the hole into the Scrapheap.After the scene, get into the tank and hop on the elevator. Get ready for your fight with Heisenberg.
18 At the top of the elevator, blast the door off with the cannon and go outside. Aim for Heisenberg's orange weak spots with your Gatling gun and guard or shoot him with the cannon when he charges at you. Deal enough damage and Heisenberg will pick you up. Continue shooting him in the head to move on to phase 2. You will be on foot for phase 2, so you'll need to resort to your regular weapons. Aim for the head while avoiding his attacks, and he should go down quickly, giving you the Crystal Heisenberg.

Watch Out for Soldats


To get the Relief Mold, you'll have to pass by a seemingly inactive Soldat. Once you pick up the mold and head back, it will come to life. Shoot at the red reactor on its chest with your shotgun to take it down quickly.

Shoot the Fuses

Electric Panel.png

After turning on the electricity with the Backup Generator, more Soldats will come to life. Killing them all with your guns can go through a lot of ammo, so take advantage of your environment to conserve ammo. In some areas, you'll see red fuses lit up. If you shoot them, you can deal a lot of damage to any Soldats that get caught in the blast.

Look out for Breakable Walls

World View Map View

Some walls are marked with yellow paint, which means that these walls are breakable by using a Pipe Bomb. The one listed above contains the Mechanical Part (Cylinder), and the one below contains Large Crystals x2, Vivianite x1, and Yellow Quartz x1.

Shoot a Soldat Down for a Trophy

World View Map View

On B3 if you look up you'll see Soldats being transported to different parts of the Factory above you. Line up a shot just right to knock one down to unlock the Quit Hanging Around trophy.

Trophy and Achievements Guide

Heisenberg's Factory Maps and Item Locations

Heisenberg's Factory Maps and Treasure Locations



Ceremony Site
Factory - 1F

Factory - Bridge

Factory - 1F

Factory - Backyard
Factory - B4

B4 - South

B4 - North

Factory - B3


MB3 - North

MB3 - South
Factory - B2

B2 - South

B2 - North
Factory - B1

B1 - South

B1 North
Factory - B5


Map Key

Blue Key Item
Green Valuable
Purple Weapon/Attachment
Red Items
Breakable Icon.png Breakable
Goat.png Goat

List of Items

Key Items
GiantGiant's Chalice
Relief of a Horse Icon.pngRelief of a Horse Relief Mold Icon.pngRelief Mold
Large Cog Icon.pngLarge Cog Cog Mold Icon.pngCog Mold
Iron Horse Ball Icon.pngIron Horse Ball Ball Mold Icon.pngBall Mold
HeisenbergHeisenberg's Key Key Mold Icon.pngKey Mold
Treasure and Valuables
Crystal Fragment Icon.pngCrystal Fragment Yellow Quartz Icon.pngYellow Quartz
Polycrystal Skull Icon.pngPolycrystal Skull Crystal Mechanical Heart Icon.pngCrystal Mechanical Heart
Large Crystal Mechanical Heart Icon.pngLarge Crystal Mechanical Heart Perfect Crystal Mechanical Heart Icon.pngPerfect Crystal Mechanical Heart
Large Crystal Icon.pngLarge Crystal Vivianite Icon.pngVivianite
Resident Evil Village Mechanical Part (Cylinder)Mechanical Part (Cylinder) Resident Evil Village Mechanical Part (Shaft).jpgMechanical Part (Shaft)
Cigar Icon.pngCigar Bister Skull Icon.pngBister Skull
Complex Mechanical Heart.pngComplex Mechanical Heart Crystal Heisenberg Icon.pngCrystal Heisenberg
Weapons & Attachments
M1851 Wolfsbane Long Barrel Icon.pngM1851 Wolfsbane - Long Barrel
Crafting Materials
Rusted Scrap Icon.pngRusted Scrap
Gunpowder Icon.pngGunpowder
Herb Icon.pngHerb
Chem Fluid Icon.pngChem Fluid
Metal Scrap Icon.pngMetal Scrap
Handgun Ammo Icon.pngHandgun Ammo Shotgun Ammo Icon.pngShotgun Ammo
Sniper Rifle Ammo Icon.pngSniper Rifle Ammo Magnum Ammo Icon.pngMagnum Ammo
Explosive Rounds Icon.pngExplosive Rounds Flashbang Icon.pngFlashbang
Mine Icon.pngMine Pipe Bomb Icon.pngPipe Bomb
Recovery Item
First Aid Med.pngFirst Aid Med
Lockpick Icon.pngLockpick

Heisenberg's Hammer

Treasure Components

Treasures to Combine Combined Treasure
Resident Evil Village Mechanical Part (Cylinder).jpgMechanical Part (Cylinder) (7000 Lei)
Resident Evil Village Mechanical Part (Shaft).jpgMechanical Part (Shaft) (4000 Lei)
Resident Evil Village HeisenbergHeisenberg's Hammer
(45000 Lei)

Treasure Locations

Mechanical Part (Cylinder)
Inside B4 of Heisenberg's Factory, there is a breakable wall, indicated with yellow paint. Destroy the wall with a Pipe Bomb, then check the room to find the Mechanical Part (Cylinder)
Mechanical Part (Shaft)
Using Heisenberg's Key, go to MB4 of his factory to unlock his quarters. Inside you will find the Mechanical Part (Shaft).

List of All Combinable Treasure

Goat of Warding Locations

Goat 17

World View Map View

After shooting the giant fan that almost sucked you in, go to the other side of that area. The seventeenth Goat of Warding is on top of the ledge.

Goat 18

World View Map View

While riding the elevator in Heisenberg's factory from B1 to B3, pay close attention to the door frame where you entered. The eighteenth Goat of Warding is on one of the railings outside the elevator. It only shows up for a split second, so it might take you a few tries to hit it.

Goat 19

World View Map View

Before going to the Cargo Bay, examine the Control Room. Crawl through the hole in the wall. The nineteenth Goat of Warding is on top of the table in the adjacent room.

List of All Goats of Warding and Where to Find Them

File Locations

Development Note 1

World View Map View

As you climb the stairs from B4 to MB4, the small room you enter is where you will find the file on the table.

Development Note 2

World View Map View

After climbing the giant grinder, the room at the end of the stairs has a table on your left. The file is on that table.


World View Map View

After opening the door with Heisenberg's key, the room ahead will contain some supplies and a note. This file is in a room just before you face Sturm.

Heisenberg's Diary

World View Map View

Before going to the Cargo Bay, examine the Control Room. Crawl through the hole in the wall. The file is on top of the table in the adjacent room.

Chris' Computer

World View Map View

After your cutscene with Chris Redfield, you will see a table with a computer. Just before you fight Heisenberg, examine the computer.

List of All Files and Where to Find Them

Enemies Encountered in Heisenberg's Factory

Regular Enemies

Hauler Icon.png
Soldat Icon.png
Soldat Eins
Zwei Icon.png
Soldat Zwei
Soldat Jet Icon.png
Soldat Jet
Soldat Panzer Icon.png
Soldat Panzer

List of All Enemies and Monsters


Sturm Attacks.png

Sturm attacks by charging straight at you breaking walls, and getting stuck on them. As soon as Sturm gets stuck, use your hardest-hitting weapon to shoot the jet turbine on its back. Deal enough damage and Sturm will burst into flames, spewing fire through the room. Avoid the fire and continue to shoot Sturm in his weak point. Do this a few times, and Sturm will go down.

How to Beat Sturm


Phase 1

Heisenberg - Hit His Weak Points.png
You will be in the tank for this portion, so start firing at the orange spots on Heisenberg with your cannon or Gatling gun. When Heisenberg charges, you can knock him back with the cannon. If it's reloading, then guard to prevent taking as much damage. After you've hit him enough, he'll knock you out of the vehicle and enter phase 2.

Phase 2

Heisenberg - Rifle.png
Without the tank, you will have to resort to your weapons. Avoid Heisenberg's attacks and shoot him in the face with everything you've got. Either the magnum or shotgun is particularly helpful here due to their high attack power. When you've dealt enough damage, a scene will start, and Heisenberg will go down.

How to Beat Karl Heisenberg

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