Claire Redfield Character Overview and Abilities | Resident Evil RE:Verse

This guide covers all of Claire Redfield's basic info in Resident Evil RE:Verse including starting equipment, passive skills, active skills, and how to play.

Claire Redfield Basic Information

Claire RedfieldClaire Redfield
Born 1979
Voice Actor Stephanie Panisello
First Appearance Resident Evil 2
Survivability ★★★★☆
Weapon Power ★★★☆☆
Skill Power ★☆☆☆☆
Transformed Survivability ★★★☆☆
Transformed Power ★★★☆☆

Claire Redfield Character Overview

Claire is the younger sister of Chris Redfield, and first appeared in Resident Evil 2. She met up with Leon S. Kennedy during the events of Raccoon City and together they were able to survive through the horrors. Since then Claire has continued her fight against bio-terrorism throughout the series.

Claire Redfield Passive and Active Abilities

Skills and Abilities

Claire RedfieldPassive Skill:
Dodging reloads your Quickdraw Army.
Claire RedfieldActive Skill 1:
Adrenaline Shot
Inject yourself with adrenaline, recovering a small amount of HP and stamina.
Claire RedfieldActive Skill 2:
Modified Alternator
Throw a modified alternator in front of you. Electricity arcs away from the alternator in a fixed radius. Enemies in the radius will receive an electric shock and take minor damage.

Starting Weapons for Claire Redfield

Standard Weapon Quickdraw ArmyQuickdraw Army
Personal Weapon MQ-11MQ-11

How to Play Claire Redfield

Claire's skills lend themselves to a slightly more defensive play style. Her Speedloader ability can be a good way to dodge behind cover and automatically reload. While behind cover toss out a Modified Alternator to stun any incoming enemies. Use that time to either take out the target, or to use the Adrenaline Shot to regain some HP and Stamina.

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