Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

How to Beat the Armored Urias Strajer | Boss Fight Guide

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) How to Beat Urias Strajer
This is a guide on how to beat Urias Strajer, a boss in Resident Evil Village. This Urias Strajer Boss Fight Guide will explain his attack patterns, weaknesses, and include tips and tricks on how you can defeat him!

Urias Strajer Basic Information

Urias Icon2.png
Drops Crystal Giant Mace
Weaknesses Shots to Back Area

Urias Strajer Boss Fight Tips

Boss Fight Tips
Avoid its Jumping Attacks.
Run around to its back and shoot the tentacles there.
Use the Target Locator to exact huge amounts of damage against it.

Urias Strajer Location

World View

Unfortunately, there is no map available to guide your way towards this boss fight. As you destroy the large mold-like roots around the village, you'll be able to jump underground where you'll encounter Urias Strajer – the tougher, more armored version of the beast.

Attack Patterns

Urias Attack.png
The move sets by Urias Strajer is very much like your first encounter with Urias – he also possesses the same jumping attack ability and is perhaps his best move. Other than that attack, he swings his mace around for simple hits or brings it into a circular motion that's very tricky to dodge.

How to Beat Urias Strajer

Don't Waste Your Ammo on Its Front

Urias - Don
Fighting Urias Strajer is a test of patience and your ability to move quickly. He is vulnerable to the hits done by your Target Locator. Equip it and unload on him with it to win.

Aim For Its Back

Urias - Back.png
Although it's possible to complete this battle with the designator alone, shooting its back will chip away at its health as well. Enough damage will enable you to take it down in fewer hits with the designator.

You can either dodge its jumping attacks, where it lays crouching down on the ground for a few seconds, or wait for a designator strike to come in before circling to its back and shooting at it with your weapons.

Avoid His Attacks

Urias - Use Target Locator.png
You really can't do much else when your Target Locator reloads other than to continuously dodge his attacks. Keep moving and try to stay at a distance.

Recommended Weapons

Target Locator - Resident Evil Village.pngTarget Locator Dragoon - Resident Evil Village.pngDragoon

Unfortunately, the only real way to beat Urias Strajer is to use the Target Locator you automatically have at the start of the Finale. Using your weapons will take too long, unless you use them while the designator reloads against Urias Strajer's back.

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