Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

Donna Beneviento Character Profile

Donna Beneviento.png
Who is the puppet? The doll, or the one seemingly controlling it? Read on to find out more about Donna Beneviento in Resident Evil Village!

Donna Beneviento: Basic Information


Name Donna Beneviento
Role Head of House Beneviento/Puppeteer
Voice Actors Andi Norris
Paula Rhodes
(as Angie)

One of the four lords who serve Mother Miranda and is always accompanied by a doll named Angie.

Donna Beneviento Profile and Backstory

Warning: This section may contain spoilers!

Potential Antagonist

Donna is one of the four lords that serve Mother Miranda in Resident Evil Village. Appearing as a person who wears clothes meant for mourning, she lives in a large mansion by a waterfall.

As one of the servants of Mother Miranda, Donna will likely be an obstacle for Ethan Winters as he explores the village in search for his daughter.

A Puppet With No Strings

Donna's doll companion, Angie, can be seen standing on its own two feet. This is not particularly special to that doll, as Donna can physically manipulate all the dolls she has in her possession.

Donna's True Nature

Although appearing as the most harmless of all of Mother Miranda's children, she is, in fact, one of the deadliest. As one of Miranda's more "obedient" adopted children, Donna attempts to lure Ethan to his death by causing vivid hallucinations to occur in his mind regarding his wife Mia and their daughter.

She tries to trap him in a chase with a horrible creature called Baby, before ultimately being subdued by Ethan in the end.

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