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List of Abilities and Effects | The Mercenaries

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This is a list of all abilities and their effects for The Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village. Read on to find out which abilities you can pick up on your way to getting the highest score in each level!

What Are Abilities?

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) The Mercenaries Abilities
Abilities are pick-ups that you can get in the different Levels in the Mercenaries game mode available to players who have completed Resident Evil Village.

These abilities provide you with boosts and bonuses that give you more power, health, and speed among other benefits.

Complete the Ability Expert Challenge

Challenge Requirements
★Ability Expert Reward: 30000 CP
Use 22 abilities in The Mercenaries.

List of Challenges

How to Get Abilities

How to Get Abilities.png
Abilities can be easily seen around the different levels you play in. These can be identified as the blue-colored orbs that float in different sections of the play area. Interacting with them allows you to select between three skills to use. These skills, and any other you may pick up, carry on with you until the end of the level.

Can Abilities Be Stacked?

Stacking abilities is possible in The Mercenaries mode. When the opportunity to select an ability that has already been selected before arises, players can choose to choose it again to stack the same ability. Offensive abilities can become especially deadly when stacked together!

All Mercenaries Abilities and Effects

Offensive Abilities

Abilities Effects
Out of ReachOut of Reach Long-distance attacks do more damage.
Break ShotBreak Shot Initial attack does more damage when enemy's HP is full.
All BrawnAll Brawn Attack increases but speed decreases.
Fickle ShooterFickle Shooter Attack increases when switching between enemies.
No BrainerNo Brainer Headshots do more damage.
InfighterInfighter Close-combat attacks do more damage.
ExecutionExecution Attack greatly increases when the enemies' HP is below 30%.

Support Abilities

Abilities Effects
Thick SkinnedThick Skinned Damage taken decreases.
AdrenalineAdrenaline HP recovers slightly when attacking with a gun.
HealthyHealthy Max HP increases.
Super GuardSuper Guard Damage no longer taken when guarding.
Gruesome GourmetGruesome Gourmet Recover a little HP when an enemy is defeated.

Agility Abilities

Abilities Effects
Lightning SpeedLightning Speed Movement speed greatly increases but damage taken increases too.
AgileAgile Speed increases.
Assasination DashAssasination Dash Movement speed is increased.

Weapon Abilities

Abilities Effects
Blade MasterBlade Master Knives do five times more damage.
Shotgun MasterShotgun Master Shotguns do more damage.
Pistol MasterPistol Master Handguns do more damage.
Magic MagazineMagic Magazine Ammo capacity doubles.
MasamuneMasamune Knife attacks are 10 times stronger, but damage from other weapons greatly decreases.

Enemy Debuff Abilities

Abilities Effects
Corpse CombustorCorpse Combustor Enemies will likely explode when they are defeated by a gun.
Slow MotionSlow Motion Enemy movement decreases.

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