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Lycan Enemy Guide | How to Kill Werewolves

Here is the enemy guide for Lycans, a type of monster found in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). Be sure to check here for everything you need to know about Lycans including where they can be found, their weaknesses, and what items they may drop!

Lycan Overview and Weaknesses

Lycan (Werewolf)
Location The Village
Moreau's Laboratory
Weaknesses Head and leg shots
Drops Lei
Rusted Scrap
Chem Fluid
Crystal Skull

Lycans are vicious werewolves that have made the village their hunting grounds. Despite their beastly nature, Lycans have been shown to be capable of weilding various weapons depending on how transformed they are into a werewolf. Some Lycans are even able to ride horses while using a weapon.

These beasts come in two forms – regular Lycans come at you with melee weapons drawn, while Lycan archers will hit you from afar.

How to Kill Lycans

Regular Lycans

Aim for the Head

Lycan - LHead
Lycans till take the most damage when shot directly in the head. This is the quickest way to put them down with a firearm. However, Lycans are agile, and hitting them repeatedly in the head is easier said than done.

Aim for the Limbs

Lycan - Limbs
Aiming for the legs of a Lycan can be effective in lowering their evasiveness. A crippled Lycan will not pursue Ethan as quickly, and it will make an easier target to aim at.

Lycan Archers

Shoot wih Snipers

Lycan - Sniper.png
The fastest, most efficient way to deal with the archer variant is to just simply fight their long-distance shots with your long-distance shots. Equip your F2 Rifle and take aim at their heads – upgraded rifles will see a messy explosion of brain and bone as you take out archers in one shot.

Get in Close

Running up to these enemies will cause them to put down their bows and act like regular Lycan enemies. If their long distance shooting is getting on your nerves, close the distance to get them to chase you!

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