Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

Story Walkthrough

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Welcome to the story walkthrough for Resident Evil Village. Our walkthrough will take you step-by-step through Ethan Winter's journey into the terrifying village of Resident Evil 8. The guides below list locations for key items, weapons, and materials. Also, check here for enemy locations and how to defeat them. Click on one of the links below for a detailed guide on each section!

Resident Evil Village Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough
Prologue Banner.jpgPrologue
Village Part 1 Banner.jpgVillage Part 1 Mines Banner.jpgMines
Castle Part 1 Banner.jpgCastle Dimitrescu Part 1 Castle Part 2 Banner.jpgCastle Dimitrescu Part 2
Castle Part 3 Banner.jpgCastle Dimitrescu Part 3 Castle Part 4 Banner.jpgCastle Dimitrescu Part 4
Village Part 2 Banner.jpgVillage Part 2 House Beneviento Banner.jpgHouse Beneviento
MoreauMoreau's Reservoir The Stronghold Banner.jpgThe Stronghold
HeisenbergHeisenberg's Factory Finale Banner.jpgThe Village Finale

Resident Evil Village Beginner's Guide

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New to Resident Evil games? Get started on the basics of Resident Evil Village and soon enough you'll be able to run circles around the lycans and other monsters that the Village will throw at you.

Beginner's Guide

Resident Evil Village Story Summary

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Resident Evil Village's story picks up several years after the events of Resident Evil 7. The last we saw of Ethan Winters and his wife Mia, they were rescued by Chris Redfield alongside the company of Blue Umbrella. However, their regular lives are once again thrust into peril when Chris Redfield suddenly kidnaps their daughter Rosemary.

Resident Evil Village Story and Plot Summary

Megamycete Summary

Megamycete Destroyed.png

What is the Megamycete? What are its origins, its connection to the Baker Incident, and more importantly, what is its purpose in Resident Evil Village? Could this simply be another viral outbreak gone wrong, or is something more sinister at work?

Note: Spoilers for Resident Evil Village ahead.

Megamycete Summary

Demo Walkthrough

How to Play the Village Demo

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Get a taste of the main game by playing through the 30-minute Village demo! The demo will be available for all platforms. There is also special early access for the same demo for Playstation owners! See details on playing the demo early in the guide below!

Time Limited Demo
(All Platforms)
Early Access Demo
(Playstation Exclusive)

Demo Guides: The Village & The Castle

The Resident Evil Village demo is split into two parts, 30 minutes in the Village and 30 minutes in the Castle. Step into the horrifying halls of Castle Dimitrescu or stroll around the eerie Village with this 1-hour demo!

Despite being only 30-minutes for each stage, this demo is packed with tons of things to find and plenty of monsters to run from.

The Village Demo.pngThe Village Demo Walkthrough Resident Evil Village Castle Demo.pngThe Castle Demo Walkthrough

Resident Evil Village Related Guides

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