Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

Hauler Enemy Guide | How to Kill Haulers

Here is the enemy guide for Haulers, a type of monster found in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). Be sure to check here for everything you need to know about Haulers including where they can be found, their weaknesses, and what items they may drop!

Hauler Overview and Weaknesses

Location Heisenberg's Factory
Weaknesses Headshots
Drops Lei
Chem Fluid
Polycrystal Skull

A variant of Moroaicas that guard Heisenberg's Factory. These enemies are harder to kill than regular Moroaicas, having their heads covered to protect from the usual go-to headshots.

How to Kill Haulers

Aim For Their Heads

Hauler - Headshots.png
Aside from using explosives, the quickest, but not easiest, way to take care of Haulers is too shoot at their heads.

Successful hits will knock off the gear over them, making your next shots that hit deal more damage. Using a rifle to achieve this drastically reduces the amount of shots you need to take.

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