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The Factory II Stage Guide | Mercenaries Mode

The Factory II Stage Guide
This is a stage guide for the level The Factory II in Resident Evil Village's Mercenaries Mode. Read on to find out where time bonuses can be found, where abilities can be gained, how to defeat all enemies, and how to complete each area!

The Factory II Stage Guide

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First Area Second Area

First Area

Factory II Area 1 Start

Enemies to Defeat 30 (Minimum)
64 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 4
Head forwards along the catwalks and kill the facedown Haulers in your way. Lycans will come out after you when you reach the entrance into the machine room. Kill them and the archers behind them. Be careful not to get hit by an archer, it will do serious damage.
In the machine room, take the stairs to your right and kill the Lycan that tries to jump out at you. Run past the Hauler and grab an Ability pick up, then run back to the machine room after killing the Hauler.
Take another set of stairs up to the left of the glowing red machine and take out the group of enemies near the square set of catwalks. Blow the red barrel when a Soldat Eins walks past, then take the left-most door and kill the enemies in the gurney room, including two Armored Lycans. There is a Time Bonus in the backroom here.
Run to the room where you first encounter a Soldat Eins that wakes up from a chair in the main story and eliminate the Soldat there along with the Haulers that spawn after it. There is another Time Bonus in the back room here.
Head back to the Machine Room, eliminating the Lycans in your way, and take the door closest to the door you entered through.
Head straight to the right-side path and head down the corridor for an Ability pickup, then head down the stairs and kill the two Soldat Panzers that will try to break through the gate to your right.
Once through, head to the corridor behind where they spawn for an Ability pickup. At the corridor, move left for a Time Bonus, then move down the corridor, killing two facedown Moroaicas. Use your Magnum and the red barrel to eliminate the sisters here, and any Pipe Bombs or Mines you have for the Soldats. There is another Ability pickup in the backroom.
Head up the catwalks where you'll find a doorway hidden behind a cage. Head through it, where a Soldat Panzer will be waiting for you. Once it's killed, Sturm will spawn. Take care of it with a mine and move towards the flight of stairs near where it comes from.
A Time Bonus will be in the backroom Sturm comes from. Head up the stairs and take care of the remaining Haulers, then touch the Goal to finish.

Second Area

Factory II Area 2 Start

Enemies to Defeat 20 (Minimum)
51 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 1
Head through the room you spawn in. There will be an open doorway where many Haulers and Soldat Eins will stream through. Take care of all of them.
Exit through the door they came from, and move down the flight of stairs to your left. Haulers will be waiting for you at the landing below, so kill them and kill the archers in the next room. An Ability pickup will be at the left-most part of the room.
In the next room, you'll find more archers you'll have to deal with. Head down the walkway they're guarding, and you'll find a Soldat Eins and a Soldat Zwei waiting for you.
At the foot of the stairs, make a sharp left where you'll be able to see an Ability pickup. A Time Bonus will be in the room next to the stairs.
Make your way back through the corridor where you encountered the Soldat Panzer from before, and head back into room you encountered the Dimitrescu Sisters in. There will be an Ability pickup to the right of where you exit. Eliminate the Haulers and Soldat Eins in your way, and make your way downstairs, where you'll have to take care of a Soldat Jet. In the backroom, there is a stationary Soldat Zwei you'll have to kill.
Head out into the corridor and kill the Haulers there. Push through to the workshop where there'll be an Ability pickup, then head up the stairs leading up to the Machine Room and get the Time Bonus there. A Soldat Panzer will be here, so take care of it and head up the stairs it came from.
Eliminate the Moroaicas in the room at the very end, and touch the Goal when you're through.

The Factory II Enemies

Soldat Icon.pngSoldat Eins Zwei Icon.pngSoldat Zwei Soldat Jet Icon.pngSoldat Jet
Soldat Panzer Icon.pngSoldat Panzer Hauler Icon.pngHauler Moroaica Icon.pngMoroaica
Lycan.pngLycans Armored Lycans Icon.pngArmored Lycans Bela Dimitrescu.jpegDimitrescu Daughters
Sturm Icon.pngSturm - -

The Factory II Rank Rewards

Rank Points Needed Rewards
B 72,000 The Mad Village II Stage

How to Get SSS Rank

Recommended Abilities and Weapons

Recommended Abilities

Lightning Speed.pngLightning Speed Pistol Master.pngPistol Master Corpse Combustor.pngCorpse Combustor

Move around areas you'll have to backtrack through with Lightning Speed, with Pistol Master letting you eliminate almost everything in your path. The tight corridors and walkways give Corpse Combustor a chance to truly shine as every so often, eliminated enemies will explode and take out other enemies with them.

Recommended Weapons

LEMI - Resident Evil Village.pngLEMI M1851 Wolfsbane - Resident Evil Village.pngM1851 Wolfsbane

For the most part, only use the Magnum on the tougher enemies, and any explosives you pick up on the string of Soldats the stage throws at you. Given the extremely limited amount of ammunition you have, you must save every round for the Daughters and Soldats. If you can manage to pick up many Lei, pick up the GM79 as well.

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